Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Evil God Convinces Jury That Casey Anthony Is Not Guilty: OJ Revisited! Casey Anthony NOT Guilty


The evidence was overwhelming! The cunt is guilty! She was a piece of shit all her life. God got into the minds of this jury. There is NO WAY sane people could have found Casey Anthony not guilty. There had to be some "divine" intervention. God protects evil. This is OJ revisited! God and jury tampering!

Good people want justice for Caylee.

She may serve one year in prison and maybe when she is in prison somebody will kill her. Chances are she won't serve anytime. She has been in jail for 3 years so she will probably get time served.

This is the tattoo that slut Casey Anthony got after she killed Caylee
Bella Vita means beautiful life and she will be living a beautiful life. She'll have money, sex and hangers on.
God's influence on the OJ jury and the Casey Anthony jury

Casey Anthony, like OJ is pure pure evil and so is God. God protects evil. OJ finally got it but the prosecution did not play by the rules but so what justice was done.

Justice may be done in this case after all. Somebody will take this bitch out.

I think that 4 of the jury members had criminal backgrounds. I bet everyone of them was a Christian.

Remember this animal's face!

Here is what is going to happen. The bitch is going to write a book and there will be a few TV movies and she will make a fortune. She will be set for life. God rewards evil and punishes the good. 

Remember this innocent face!

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  1. That jury most have been retarded.


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