Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How People Really Feel About God

The following quotes are from the Why Do You God Hate website. http://www.whydoyouhategod.com/

God, if it exists is most certainly 100% evil. Real or imagined God is evil and needs to be destroyed.


  1. I hate the lying, hypocrite shit who sit on the universe's throne.

    Fresenius ensures the renal scam isn't going anywhere anytime soon ($5k/wk/pt from general fund).
    Chevron/Rockafeller's efforts to repress alternate technologies/fuel sources, petrolium power plants in the 20th century has guarenteed petrolium won't be phased out.
    The gods extensive use of this tactic occurred in this Situation as well:::The proprietors' financial interests and the career paths of their offspring ensures the gods are free to enforce their positioning to the end despite destroying my childhood to get here.
    The only way Planet Earth will achieve sustainability is if we "take out the trash" and the gods allow the most disfavored among us to be terminated by eliminating reincarnation for those individuals. The bouy is sinking, social decay is becoming ruinous and unless it begins to rise to the surface the gods will get their way and life will end on Planet Earth.
    If I was The Man anyone, real, clone host, involved in some scam as sleazy as Fresinius's renal industry would realize such a painful, torturous fate they would regret ever being born.

  2. The gods are malign.


Unlike Christian and Muslims I don't censor so say whatever you want. Please include your thoughts on ways to destroy God and religion.