Friday, January 27, 2012

Satan and God, Who's The Most Evil?

It's pretty clear that God is far more evil than Satan. You really have to give the devil his due. Clearly God is unfit to be in charge of anything and Satan knew this. Satan knew that God was more powerful than him yet he took him on anyway. Way to go Satan!

Many people ask God for miracles and God tells them to go fuck themselves. Try praying to Satan. Maybe when God is finally destroyed out prayer will be answered and our suffering vanquished.


  1. Put a curse on God!

  2. so-called god is against everything that is fun and natural. so-called god wants you to do things unhuman and against your inner feelings. he wants you to love your enemy, do good to those who fuck you over, help the useless pieces of shit, even though deep down inside you know you hate them and would rather kick them in the face, or at least not give a shit if they got hit by a bus. so-called god wants you to be an unthinking robot devoid of common sense or to use your mind. so-called god wants you to love and believe everything that is rubbish because so-called god and his followers are rubbish.

  3. I think it is OK to love your enemy up to a point. Some people respond to love. However, some people are so evil like lying Republicans that the only thing to do with them is kill or maim them. They, like God are pure evil.

  4. If there is a God there is no way he could be good.

  5. if only he could make me find the RIGHT WOMAN for me. instead, the woman i married turned out to be a VERY FILTHY FUCKIN WHORE. now divorced and single again, and when i go out i seem to come across, so many FILTHY DISEASED LESBIAN PIGS that are out there more than ever before. it is very hard for us STRAIGHT GUYS now that are looking to meet any kind of a DECENT STRAIGHT WOMAN TODAY. WHAT A WASTE OF HUMANITY, that many of these LOW LIFE WOMEN HAVE BECOME.

  6. god is the ultimate source of evil.

    And black people will be sacrificed to help whites.
    Falling for temptation and prostituting the only individuals with any worth will envoke the god's punishment. Nurturing pedophelia, the gods will begin to tell blacks to adopt the homosexual lifestyle, and we will see mass influx into the gay community. This in turn will create a secondary market for pre-pubescent prostitution, male homoseuxual child prostitution.
    Concrete evidence homosexuality is nothing more than growth out of pedophelia, this black phenomina will be used to help whites recognize homosexuality for what it is and abandon homosexuality. In turn, this sacrifice will buy the otherwise Damned blacks another "second chance" on the next Planet Earth, one they do not deserve yet will have earned throguh their sacrifice.
    Likely the clue sent with positioning surrounding this Situation.
    Blackk people don't deserve this with their behavior, but it is not their time. Black people are good who are HIGHLY suseptable to temptation, and they have fallen HARD, as we will see again with the pedophelia issue.
    What this would suggest is the role of "playing god" will/has been positioned to be transferred over to the trillionaires sometime, creating another hurdle and making ascention just than much more difficult.

    The short-term job was essential for the god's positioning. Without it they would have looked like trash when they got me sick and costed me my career.
    As with my childhood they needed inactive/sedintary to ensure unrespectability, necessary to grease the wheels of their positioning.
    Maggots feeding at my carcass.

    As I was saying Navy Yard killings in DC is likened to the Oakland Riders tactic of a couple years ago, ensuring as many blacks as possible gloss over the Costa Concordia clue, yet another Concord clue in the Situation. Should be effective considering blacks typically are not the shooters, effectively preoccupying blacks.

    god is the source of all evil.

  7. Actually there are less homosexuals now than at anytime in history. Less are living a lie. They are not reproducing and the gene pool has less gay genes.


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