Thursday, October 4, 2012

Evil God Evil World

Most of us can agree that this world is an evil world. Who or what ever created this world is a malevolent entity. This thing we call God  tortures every living thing. God creates beings only to kill them. Every living thing once born begins the process of dying. This process is not by choice nor is this existence. We are all thrown into this meat grinder for the amusement of this evil God who is not satisfied to merely torture us but to terrorize us with in survival instinct that makes us prize this bitter existence.

When we are early in this death we are filled with hopes and dreams. Some of us manage see a few more rainbows than others but most of us who lived, live and will live on this third planet endure great suffering for no good reason.  God has cursed humanity great misery and torment and then he expects us to worship him. Let me clue you in on something God. The people who worship do it totally out of fear. You God are a pathetic terrorist. You are a sadist.  You are a joke.

I am one of the few people that tells the truth about you.  The religious sheep slip into denial and roll on the floor and foam at the mouth and express their love for you as the judge other with the similar warped justice that you mete out. The atheist will simply pretend that you don't exist because your level of malevolence is perhaps too great for the atheist to comprehend or maybe the atheist is like Switzerland. The there are the rest of us who know you better than you know yourself. We are the ones who hold up the mirror so that you can see the ugliness that is you. We are the ones who shatter your delusions. You are no different than any other despot. Your delusion and your lies keep you in denial until the light is shone on you and you are surrounded by mirrors and as you shatter one mirror someone holds up another one. You have a hissy fit and go off on one of your legendary killing sprees. This is how you cow people into massaging your infinite ego.

There is no duality in you "God". You are 100% evil and everything that you have set in motion is to that end. You can't escape the mirror God. You cannot unring this bell. Snap into reality God. Even one of your most devout ass kissers would fail a polygraph test if he were asked if he loved you. People hate you God and denying it will not change that reality. Nobody like you God. You are a bully and people are afraid of you. That makes you quite pathetic.

What really happened God when you lost control in heaven? Did you lose? Did you win? I suspect that the so called bad angels knew that you had in store for us corporeal lifeforms and they tried to stop  you. Is that it? Or... are you the evil force that defeated good and now you are masquerading as good to buy yourself time from your inevitable defeat? Whatever you are and regardless of your scope your days are numbered.

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