Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pat Condell Tells The Truth About Islam

I have spent a lot of time debunking Christianity and not nearly enough time exposing Islam for the dangerous and evil sham that it is. Today it is politically correct to bash Christianity and while Christianity deserves and requires a good bashing Islam requires even more of a bashing.  We all know that Christianity has a sordid past of spiritual, terror and violence but in many ways Christianity is less violent, terrorist and bigoted as it once was. This is not to say that Christianity is still not doing more harm than good what I would like to say is that when compared to Islam, Christianity presents a much smaller threat to humanity than Islam.

Here are some differences. If I were to stand outside a church holding a sign that said, Jesus was a faggot I probably would not be attacked but on the other hand if I were to stand outside a mosque holding a sign saying Mohammad was a pedophile I would most likely be killed.

One of the most vile Christian terrorist hate groups is the Ku Klux Klan but on balance they look like a bunch of boy scouts compared to all the Islamic hate groups. It has been decades since the KKK killed anyone. They shoot off the mouths and most people laugh at them.

As an agnostic I can make the argument for Christianity. I can talk about it's charity, the Sermon on the Mount, turning the other cheek, ect. I can point to major universities and colleges founded by churches that have advanced science and culture but when it comes to Islam there is really nothing positive to say. Islam has given next to nothing positive to humanity. Muslims will make claims that it has but in reality it was the Arab culture who gave a few inventions such as Algebra. Do a Google search.

In the video Pat Condell does a splendid job of exposing Islam and the hypocrisy of Muslims.

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