Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pat Condell, Dusty Smith and The Amazing Atheist

Pat Condell is an agressive atheist with a biting classic British wit and inescapable logic.
Dusty Smith is a bit of an anomoly in that he is from the deep South and a highly intelligent atheist. Dusty's videos are will make you bust a gut. If you need a slap of logic, Dusty is your man. Banned in 47 countries, marked for death by Muslim extremists, and hated by billions of Christians all over the world. He must be doing something right.
The Amazing Atheist The Amazing Atheist is a very animated guy who rages along the lines of the late Sam Kinison. Like Pat Condell and Dusty Smith the Amazing Atheist is very bright and logical. His diatribes are very thought provoking and highly entertaing.

Theses three guys make hating God and his agents fun. Visit them on You Tube.

Here, the Amazing Atheists takes Christard ministers to task over the Sandy Hook massaccre.


Unlike Christian and Muslims I don't censor so say whatever you want. Please include your thoughts on ways to destroy God and religion.