Saturday, January 5, 2013

Atheists Are In Denial

Most atheists know a lot more about the Bible and religious beliefs than most fools who believe in God but nonetheless atheists are still in denial. Deep down they know that God exists but if they admit that to themselves they would live their lives knowing that the God of the night is even more evil than his followers. This is unlike a Republican politician who is evil but less evil than his supporters.

Atheists are like Switzerland during World War II. They refuse to get involved in fight with an evil tyrant. They pretend that tyrant does not exist or that by not opposing it tyrant that tyrant will leave them alone but God is much more cruel and evil than Hitler could ever dream of being.

The Existence of Suffering

If God was all-powerful and all-loving, with free will yet perfectly good, God would create life with similar properties: with free will and perfectly good. Meaning that there would be no human-created evil, and no need for evil, suffering or death in the world in any way. However, there is evil and death in very great quantities, therefore it holds that if the situation was created by a god then such a god is not omnipotent and benevolent. Given that such a god exists, it must be malevolent: An evil god, who created life for the sole purpose of watching life suffer.

Such a god would make life, in its very essence, impossible to exist without death, violence, suffering and struggle. Advanced life, especially, would be inherently prone to nastiness, wars, immorality, killing and causing of suffering. As this is how it is in the world, it holds that the existence of such levels of suffering, if it is the result of intelligent design, is thoroughly evil, and to call god "good" is a corruption of the truth.

As it happens, the world is as we would expect it to be if the designer of life was evil. Ancient religious minds also realized this. Gnostic religions such as the Manicheans explained that this world was the creation of an evil God, and that we had to somehow escape from it. Some people criticize this, asking, if the world was designed by an evil God, why is there some happiness and goodness in the world? Why isn't the world purely evil, with only suffering?
“A Manichean might retort that this is the worst of all possible worlds, in which the good things that exist serve only to heighten the evils. The world, he might say, was created by a wicked demiurge [who] created some virtuous men, in order that they might be punished by the wicked; for the punishment of the virtuous is so great an evil that it makes the world worse than if no good men existed.”
"History of Western Philosophy" by Bertrand Russell (1946)

In the Bible, when people were trying to build a tower to reach God a cruel and paranoid God destroyed the tower and said to the other God he was working with at the time. "let us go down and confuse their language." God pulled the same evil act on Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. God even lied and told Eve that if she ate the apple she would die. Eve lived for a very long time after she ate the apple. Actually, the tree is symbolic as is its fruit. What Eve received from the tree was knowledge and if indeed Adam and Eve had free will as God a liar that  would like us to believe then Eve actually chose knowledge over ignorance and God has used that as an excuse to torture everybody. You know it and I know it and everyone knows that only an evil God would do that.

My message to atheists is simple, either shit or get off the pot and pull your heads out of your butts. You do acknowledge that the majority of believers in God are despicable beings. You know that they will stab in the back any chance they get. You know that any good they do is an effort to appease the tyrant God. You know that they are liars and you know that they do more harm to the world that they could ever possibly do good. If you can't accept the fact that God is a real entity then at least admit that the belief in God causes a great deal of the suffering in the world when it comes to man's inhumanity to man. After you do that it acknowledge the fact that humans are plagued by diseases and suffering that is currently beyond our control. Connect the dots and you will see the big picture. God is real and he is the enemy.

If you cannot oppose and work to destroy the entity that is God because you are still in denial as to his existence then destroy his believers because it is my sincere belief they are the source of this entity's power. I believe in the collective unconscious. I have studied enough about the human consciousness project to know that our thoughts can and do affect events.

The entity we refer to as God however you want to define it, be it a real being or some sort of meta-being does exist in one form or another. It wants us to suffer and eventually it wants us to destroy ourselves. Think of this entity as Michael Vick and think of us as the dogs he puts in a pit to tear each other apart for his own amusement. There is a difference between Michael Vick and God. Michael Vick tortured a bunch of dogs and eventually Michael Vick was stopped, punished, eventually he felt remorse, he amended his life and tried to write his wrongs. Like Michael Vick, God too needs to be brought to justice but since God is a soulless entity, rehabilitation is not possible so the only solution for the God problem will be his complete and total destruction.

How much reverence can you have for a supreme being who find it necessary to include such phenomena as phlegm a.k.a. Islam and tooth decay a.k.a. Christianity in his divine system of creation? What in the world was running through that warped, evil, scatological mind of his when he robbed old people of the power to control their bowel movements? Why in the world did he ever create pain? – Joseph Heller, Catch 22 modified by El Rondo.

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