Thursday, January 3, 2013

God is Hate and Jesus Is an Evil Liar

Is Jesus Christ Vengeful?
Does Jesus condone revenge? If you do not accept Jesus Christ, is it acceptable to Jesus that you to suffer "Eternal Torment" in Hell? Ergo, does Jesus Christ enjoy sweet revenge?

Luke 1:33 Jesus will rule over the house of Jacob, forever. KJV

Forever? C. Dennis McKinsey asked: Historically, when did Jesus ever ruled over the Jews? 

The Jews, as a religion, have always rejected Jesus Christ as God's savior or as God.

Would the Jewish religion consider it a sin for Jesus to demand ruling over them?

Would Islam consider it a sin for Jesus to demand ruling over them?

Would an Atheist consider it a sin for Jesus to demand ruling over him or her?

Mark 2:18-20 Jesus went against the Old Testament God's rules on fasting. Catholic

Matthew 5:32 Jesus went against God's rules on divorce.
Btw, did you know that God, Himself, is a divorcee - as documented C&V?

Jeremiah 3:8 For all the adulteries rebellious Israel committed, I (God) put her (Israel) away and gave her a bill of divorce... (Catholic)

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