Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mass Shootings and Psychiatric Medications

I recall reading many years ago that people who are mentally ill are less likely to commit acts of violence that people who are not considered mentally ill. I believe that the shooter in Connecticut and the other shooters would've done what they did had it not been for psychiatric medications. These types of shootings like the one in Connecticut and the Batman theater shooting are not normal gun violence. If you look at every shooting like this at the school shootings you will find that some sort of psychiatric medications were involved and more often than not the SSRIs.

If you look at the history of the shootings they started in the early 90s and that is when big Pharma started selling drugs like Paxil Prozac Cymbalta etc. as the use of these drugs increased so did these types of shootings. There is a black box warning on some of the SSRIs that say that they create a disassociative state of most of of us know what a disassociative status. My guess is that in all of these types of shootings the shooters were not fully aware of what they were doing and they could not appreciate the gravity of what they were doing is almost like they were thinking in one dimension is like playing a video game. In most of these types of shootings the shooters never even had a criminal history or have never known to be violent.

Now let's add some other drugs to the mix like the new sleep aids Lunesta and Ambien. There have been numerous reports of people doing things that they can't remember doing an exhibiting strange and bizarre behaviors. Then we have generation X growing up and it's still true today that 12% of school-age boys are on some sort of psychostimulants Ritalin. It's long been known that chronic Ritalin users develop atrophy the prefrontal and as those of you know the prefrontal lobe is responsible for impulse control among other things. We have timebombs walking around. Now the standard treatment for PTSD are the SSRI drugs so we now have police and war veterans and these drugs.

The pharmaceutical industry has a very interesting name for withdrawal from their psychiatric medications. They call it discontinuation syndrome and just Callus smog term makes me want to be violent. Withdrawal from drugs like Paxil Prozac is horrible. It is a long tedious process. Someone near and dear to me was put on Paxil when she should have been put on hormone replacement therapy it seems it Paxil is now the drug of choice for PMS, PMDD and menopause. Paxil if this person with permanent muscle twitching and her toes on 1 foot curled up. Withdrawal for her was horrible and what I think about it I want to throttle the doctor put her on this garbage and the drug company for selling and the FDA for approving it.

I'm on the fence regarding gun control but I'm certain about one thing people who run psychiatric medications should not be allowed to own any kind of firearm ever. Currently 14% of US population is on some type of antidepressant. Does anyone here really believe that 14% of Americans suffer from depression let alone require an antidepressant drug? That is over 70 million Americans. Then we have the millions of kids who are on Ritalin, Adderall and Concerta will become adults unable to modulator impulses because her brains are now damaged.

I recall taking my son for a hunter safety course and I was shocked to see the other kids in the room who were coming down off the Ritalin dose of the day and bouncing out of their shoes. It's kind of a scary thought going into the woods to hunt knowing that their kids on these drugs that in most cases are simply a cure for childhood.

We've have had mentally ill people since beginning of time. We have had assault style weapons for nearly 100 years. Violent crime in the United States has been steadily declining for over 20 years. In the 1970s 50% of households had a gun now only 20% of American households have firearms in them but there has been a steady increase and the sort of massacres since the 90s.

Correlation does not equal causation but it certainly warrants some pretty thorough investigation and the investigating I've done has been convinced that these massacres are attributable almost entirely to the use of psychiatric medications. We can ban guns and high-capacity magazines and it probably will not do much if anything to stop these attacks because there are millions of guns out there and guns can be easily obtained simply and a private sale so passing gun legislation is, like closing the door after the horse escaped. I propose background checks that involves medical records and drug testing. The firearms act of 1968 specifically said that anyone I controlled substance, gun but the problem with that is these new psychiatric medications are not considered controlled substances even though they are far more dangerous than anything that is considered a controlled substance. Controlled substances are just the kind of drugs to get you high and make you feel good. We need to have psychiatric medications classified as controlled substances and anyone who's ever been on them or is currently on them can never own a gun. But and it's a big but….Good luck with that. Big Pharma will never allow their psychiatric poisons to be called controlled substances. Big Pharma's answer for this kind of violence is as stupid as he NRA's answer. The NRA is going to want more guns and big Pharma is going to try to say that it's mentally ill people doing it and they need more medication. After the bozos in Washington pass some feel-good gun legislation nothing will change. I predict that in 2013 there is going to be even more of these massacres and some of them may involve explosives, poison gas and of course guns.

It's really easy to blame mental illness and mentally ill people but in point of fact that mentally ill people don't do this sort of thing; it's people whose brains had been compromised by psychiatric medications.

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