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Why God Allows Suffering

Why God Allows Suffering

When it comes to ass kissing, brown nosing and Dick sucking Christians when the gold-medal. They are constantly spinning the truth and denying reality in order to suck up to their cruel and vicious and vile God kill his own son in and blame that on us.

Here is some really disgusting Christian apologetics that I will destroy.

10 Reasons Why God Allows Suffering

Jared Wilson, in Gospel Deeps, writes that “while we may not be satisfied with what God has revealed about his purposes in suffering, we cannot justifiably say he has not revealed anything about his purposes in suffering. We may not have the answer we are laboring for, but we do have a wealth of answers that lie in the same field.”

Here’s an outline of ten reasons he identifies in God’s Word:

1. To remind us that the world is broken and groans for redemption [Rom. 8:20-23].

2. To do justice in response to Adam’s (and our) sin.

3. To remind us of the severity of the impact of Adam’s (and our) sin.

4. To keep us dependent on God [Heb. 12:6-7].

5. So that we will long more for heaven and less for the world.

6. To make us more like Christ, the suffering servant [Rom. 8:29; 2 Cor. 1:5, 4:11].

7. To awaken the lost to their need for God [Ps. 119:67, 71].

8. To make the bliss of heaven more sweet [Rom. 8:18; 1 Pet. 4:13; Ps. 126:5; Isa. 61:3].

9. So that Christ will get the glory in being our strength [John 9:3; 2 Cor. 4:7].

10. And so that, thereby, others see that he is our treasure, and not ourselves [2 Cor. 4:8-9].

1. As to point one, it was God who created this mess. The truth is that there are no good or bad people there only people who do good or bad things. When you are suffering you probably more inclined to do something bad because you feel bad because you're hurting and God counts on that. And then because we are moral we feel guilty that we do something wrong even though that behavior was induced fire pain and suffering. God could and are suffering and pain. God could have created a world without death and suffering. God could have created humans to work prone to so many diseases but he chose not to do so because that is what sadistic bastards do.

2. As to point to, this response from Christians makes my blood boil. They are stinking foul vile ugly filthy brutal God is punishing billions of human beings for the action of the woman named Eve who did not even have the knowledge of right or wrong. God arranged that a powerful being that he created posed as a serpent and beguile this innocent woman into wanting knowledge as opposed to being a pet of God's. Childish brutal bratty God got so pissed off that he is still throwing a temper tantrum about that one as a result he created every malady that affects humans and many animals. God could not be satisfied only and torturing human beings he tortures all animals with disease. God creates animals that could only live on meet so there has to be predators that go after prey. God gets a real boner when humans take animals and burn them on an altar. Hey Christians, if you're reading this burn yourselves on an altar. Douse yourselves in gasoline and lit a match. God wants you to do that your suffering pleases him and of course you ass kissers want to please God.

3. Because this cock sucking peace a ship Christian who wrote the above 10 reasons to the funking moron when he needs balls cut off and shut down his throat he hit a repeat point number two. This ass hole is trying to say that Adams alleged sin was also committed by every other human being. That is more retarded and George W. Bush attacking Iraq for 9/11.

4. As to point number four, it's hard to tell whether God is a drug dealer or just a control freak. It sounds like he's a little bit of both. The Bible says that God is a jealous God and it also says that God is a cruel and vengeful God. We don't need a Bible to know that what kind of a sick freak would create diseases like multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig's disease, arthritis and cancer? It seems God wants our constant adoration so he will go so far as to inflict horrible suffering on us so that we will bake him for mercy which he always declines. The only true mercy I've ever seen from a drunk begs for a bottle and he gets it. The bottle will not let him down in the bottle will not ignore his pleas. God is that even is merciful as a bottle of booze. Since that's the case, FUCK YOU God!

5. As to point number five, one of these days God, your living dangling little morsel if you're to get bitten. More more people are hating you out of existence you are starting to feel it.

6. Point number six, the suffering that Jesus endured was a walk in the park compared to what most humans endure in their lives. In fact, crucifixion probably is in that painful there are idiots that had themselves crucified on Easter so can't be that bad. You Christians who think this was some sort of a big sacrifice will incompletely quote John 316 saying that God gave his only begotten son like it was some great wonderful sacrifice. The truth is it wasn't. Most fathers love their sons and off the ticket punishment for them. I would take a bullet for my son and my father would take a bullet for me. Apparently God is a coward. Since God is all-knowing he knew that Jesus would suffer for a short time following a whipping and a short time on across. He also knew that shortly after that Jesus would be up in heaven with him. That's a pretty pathetic sacrifice. If God loved the world he would've gotten it right the first time.

7. As to point number seven, God once again proves himself to be quite a control freak. Christians like to talk about free will. Obviously suffering negates the notion of free well as do numerous Scriptures. If you don't believe me, simply Google, "what the Bible says about predestination".

8. As to point number eight; here's a suggestion for all you pecker sucking Christians. Pour hot grease over yourselves slam your nuts in a car door every day. That way you will appreciate having more. Better yet, let me tee up your sack and allow me to take my big Bertha driver to it. You could also persecute all other Christians and torture them as well. You will be doing him a huge favor because by the time they get to heaven after they been tortured on earth there are really love heaven. You should also torture all non-Christians. Sure they're going to be tortured in Hell for not sucking God's dick properly but imagine how much it will please God when he knows you of tortured his enemies. When the burning in hell for all eternity for not sucking off God in a proper manner they will even be able to remember anything good that happened to them on earth.

9. As to point number nine, it's pretty clear that God created humans to massage his ego for all eternity and since Christians will say that Christ is God when it suits them and since God is a cruel jealous and vengeful God he is going to want a lot of sucking up and ass kissing sort only follows that some Christian weasels will try to recruit others to ass lick Jesus. Christians are worse than Nazi collaborators because they work for a tyrant far worse than out Hitler. Hitler is probably up there in heaven having anal sex with Jesus.

10. As to point number 10; it's simply more of the same bullshit. The reason that God created suffering and allows suffering is pretty simple. The God who created this system of things is a cruel and evil sadist.

Let's face it, Christians are intellectual, moral and spiritual cowards. They know that the God they worship is pure evil but they are too stupid and too scared to question the logic of this cruel and evil being who they call God. Christians will criticize the absurdity of other religions such as Islam which is equally as absurd as Christianity yet they will defend the same sort of absurdity in their own religion. Christians believe in God, worship God and act as apologists for God simply because they fear his legendary wrath.

Admit it Christians, the guy that you worship is a liar, a snake, a tyrant, a punk and a bully and you people who defend him are as contemptible as he is. FUCK you all!

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