Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bible Belt Hypocrites Donor States vs Taker States

When it comes to hypocrisy fundamentalist Christians when the gold medal. Their Bible tells them that it is better to give than to receive. The Bible tells them to be charitable and get to the poor. They don't do this. The Bible Belt states and other red states are the taker states.

In reality the states with least crime and least poverty are always a blue states.

The states with the highest IQs are also the blue states.

The states with the least teen pregnancies are always blue states.

The states with the lowest violent crime statistics are always the blue states.

The states with the least fundamentalist Christians are always a blue states.

The states with the lowest divorce rates are always the blue states.

Is hard to say exactly what makes red staters so promiscuous, greedy and stupid.

Does believing in the Bible cause brain atrophy?

Are really stupid people prone to stupid things like Christianity and the Bible?

Are Christians more immoral than others because of their beliefs or are immoral criminal types draw  to Christianity because in order to be forgiven Christianity you just have to suck the cock of Jesus? You don't have to make atonement for your sins if you're Christian. Is that why they have no problem being dishonest, greedy, violent, immoral and lawbreaking?

Clearly the more religious people are the more depraved they become and the deeper into denial they sink. If God and Jesus were good the more people who were deeply into them the better they would behave. The opposite is true.


  1. Education is the key; especially math and science education. Religious history might also help if it is broad based and objective, and spans from prehistoric times to today.

    1. Yes but people with inferior brains cannot be educated.


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