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Hayden Vaverek Child Raping Priest

Pervert Priests are nothing new but that should not mean we should not report on them.  Like many pervert priests Hayden Vaverek the child raping priest pervert bosses moved him from parish to parish

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Former Priest Facing Charges of Sexual Misconduct

Brian King
News Editor

A former priest at Our Lady of Lourdes in Greenwood has been placed on administrative leave after allegations of sexual misconduct with a minor were made to the Diocese of Charleston.

According to officials with the Diocese of Charleston, Father Hayden Vaverek has been placed on administrative leave and his priestly faculties withdrawn per diocese policy pending the outcome of an investigation. The alleged misconduct took place at Our Lady of Lourdes about 15 years ago.

Officials with the Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office say that a criminal investigation has not yet begun, as the victims are located out of state.

Vaverek served at various parishes in the upstate, including Greenville, Anderson, McCormick and Simpsonville. Diocese of Charleston officials say that the alleged misconduct occurred while Vaverek was the pastor at Our Lady of Lourdes, but that the allegations do not currently involve any of the parishioners at the church.

Diocese officials say that Vaverek is currently a development officer of the Catholic Near East Welfare Association, a papal agency for humanitarian and pastoral support based in New York City.

Any victims are encouraged to contact local law enforcement.

Diocese of Charleston pastor faces sexual misconduct allegations

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - A spokeswoman with the Diocese of Charleston says a pastor has been placed on administrative leave amidst allegations of sexual misconduct with a minor.

The allegations against father Hayden Vaverek date back more than 15 years to his time as pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes in Greenwood.

The Diocese says it is their policy to relieve Vaverek of his priestly facilities duing the investigation.

Father Vaverek has served in several parishes and schools in South Carolina, including nearby Moncks Corner.

The Diocese encourages all victims and those who have knowledge of any sexual misconduct to contact authorities.

To receive help and guidance from the diocese, contact Sister Sandra Makowski at the Chancery of Charleston at (843) 853-2130 ext. 209.

Not Isolated Incidents!

Every few years we hear about some hot looking female teacher who has sex with on of her very willing male student. The media sensationalizes if for months. Sex sells. Everyone pretends to be outraged but deep down every red blooded American teen wishes he were the victim.  The fact is, school teachers rarely molest kids and if and when they do the school gets rid of them quickly and has them prosecuted. The churches on the other hand cover for their pervert priests.

If you think that pervert priests are the exception not the rule consider the fact that than in Minnesota alone there were over 174 arrested for raping kids in the past 60 years. It doesn't take a much of a leap to know that this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Also consider the fact that teachers outnumber clergy 200 to 1. 

Only A Pedophile Would Defend A Pedophile - Demotivational Poster

Read more about the pervert priest epidemic by clicking here.


Diocese Releases Statement on Former Simpsonville Priest's Alleged Sexual Misconduct

Previous pastor and administrator of St. Mary Magdalene, Father Hayden Vaverek, accused of alleged sexual misconduct dating back years while at another Upstate parish.
 By Hal Millard March 11, 2013 

In the wake of accusations that have surfaced alleging that former St. Mary Magdalene priest and administrator, Father Hayden Vaverek, engaged in alleged sexual misconduct many years ago while at another church, the Diocese of Charleston released the following statement on Sunday.
The full statement, which implies the alleged misconduct took place outside the church, reads:
"An allegation of sexual misconduct of a minor dating back more than 15 years has been made against Father Hayden Vaverek. Per diocesan policy, Father Vaverek must be placed on administrative leave and his priestly faculties withdrawn. Diocesan officials have notified law enforcement authorities about this allegation and are fully cooperating with them."

Father Vaverek served at several parishes and schools in South Carolina including those in: Greenville, Simpsonville, Anderson, Greenwood, McCormick, Myrtle Beach, Garden City, Moncks Corner, Bonneau, and Hilton Head Island. The reported allegation indicates the alleged misconduct occurred while Father Vaverek was pastor at Our Lady of Lourdes in Greenwood; however, no parishioners of that parish were involved in the reported allegation.

The Diocese of Charleston encourages all victims and those who have knowledge of any sexual misconduct to contact civil authorities in their area. To receive help and guidance from the diocese, please contact Sister Sandra Makowski at the Chancery in Charleston at (843) 853-2130 x209.

The Most Reverend Robert E. Guglielmone, Bishop of Charleston, asks everyone to pray for all victims of abuse and for their families."

Last week, a man who was representing the catholic church approached an investigator at the Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office, according to a WSPA report. He reportedly told investigators that a sexual incident involving a minor occurred years ago at Our Lady of Lourdes in Greenwood with Father Hayden Vaverek, who later served a stint as priest and administrator at St. Mary Magdalene in Simpsonville. Deputies said the victim now lives out of state and had someone from the catholic church meet with the Sheriff’s Office to make a report.

Greenwood County deputies said Father Vaverek is in Rome, and have been unable to interview him, according to the report.
Vaverek is the 12th priest in the Charleston Diocese to be publicly accused of sexual misconduct, according to

Original article:
Father Hayden Vaverek, a former priest and administrator of St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church in Simpsonville, has been accused of alleged sexual misconduct, according to a news report.

Vaguely mentioning an unnamed and uncited report, WYFF said that Vaverek allegedly engaged in unspecified sexual misconduct dating back more than 15 years while he was pastor at Our Lady of Lourdes in Greenwood.

The Diocese of Charleston reportedly placed Vaverek on administrative leave. Meanwhile, potential victims of the priest's alleged misconduct are encouraged to contact local authorities, the report said.

Father Vaverek received a degree in criminal justice from Texas State University-San Marcos and attended seminary at Mount St. Mary’s in Emmitsburg, Md. He was ordained in 1994.

His assignments have included parochial vicar at St. Andrew Church in Myrtle Beach, and pastor at St. Joseph Church and School in Anderson, Our Lady of Lourdes in Greenwood, St. Michael in Garden City, St. Philip Benizi in Moncks Corner, Holy Family on Hilton Head Island and St. Mary Magdalene in Simpsonville, where he was appointed by the diocese in 2008.

According to his profile on the Linkedin social network, he is currently a Development Officer of the Catholic Near East Welfare Association, a papal agency for humanitarian and pastoral support based in New York City.


  1. What a sick society we are that we let these sick fuckers get away with this. Clergy has been raping kids for century. God protects these vile monsters.

  2. Has he been charged with rape? Have there been any accusations other than the one 15 years ago? It is certainly sickening but let's see what happens. If guilty, throw the book. But let's make sure its not just a grudge before we brand someone a child rapist. If he is, He Is. Just because the Catholic Church has not done the right thing we can not condemn someone on accusations of one alone. Having said that, come on Catholics. Rise up and stop this!

  3. Others have come forward.

    1. Yeah? Like who? There have not been any other accusations except for this one from 15 years ago.

    2. Others have come forward.

  4. Statute of limitations has run on most of his crimes/

    God is an evil slime who protects evil slime. DEATH TO GOD!

  5. I haven't seen any others come forward. Statute of limitations has run out on most of what crimes? It seems no one really know anything yet. The Catholic church has humans in it just like the rest of any part of the world. Being Catholic is not a claim of perfection on any human being. Sex offenders exist everywhere, why not bash the government for its sex offender teachers in public schools? Sad that anyone would waste a life attacking others they apparently have little knowledge on instead of living your own life!

  6. Many people have witnessed Vaverek playing around with boys roughhousing pulling on them touching them inappropriately going after them and doing all sorts of inappropriate physical contact type things. All the photos that were of him on the CNEWA website showed him walking down dusty desert roads ALONE with one boy at a time. Now a days any priest would be CRAZY to be left alone with a boy all by himself. Vaverek is the perfect pedo. He has this external pious attitude but his secret dark side is awful. He has a horrible attitude towards people and can dress you down in a New York Minute. His language is vile, filthy and condescending. He will tear you apart and stomp all over you. He is a narcissist if there ever was one. It's either his way or the highway and he leaves people as victims all over the place. The poor victim in this case finally had the courage to come forward and there is NO statute of limitations in South Carolina. Fortunately his days in the priesthood and as a Military Chaplain are OVER!

    1. Okay you truly are an idiot.... you said pics show him on a dusty dirt road alone with one boy at a time.. hello then who the heck took the picture...a ghost? Obviously a photographer for the website. you really need to think before you speak!

    2. I think we found our "abused victim" and his name is "anonymous".

  7. First I want to say there are many other churches besides Catholics that have had pedofiles for pastors, ministers etc and they are very more common then the Catholic Church. But because the Catholic church is the biggest in the world there are those that are quick to judge without proof. Yes there has been a problem with priests but not all and just cause there is an accusation does not mean its true.
    To Anonymous on 3/14 I worked with Fr. Hayden 15 years ago and never once did I see anything inappropriate happen. The man you described in your comment doesn't come close to the priest I knew and worked with. I was in charge of many things and I will tell you there was no signs of inappropriate behavior. You obviously have crucified him without proof. What kind of Christian are you? You are very full of hatred towards the man and you can not be objective. You need to get off that high horse and wait for all the facts to come out. OLOL congregation loved him. He built the new church if not for him we would still be at the one on Laurel avenue.
    Now did he do it? I don't know. I don't believe he did but if he did then he will be rightly punished by the law. Regardless, we can not persecute him until he is proven guilty. Yes there are many priests that have been rightly charged but there have been just as many wrongly accused. So until he is found guilty we can not pass judgement. If you are a true Christian you will not pass judgement. And not persecute him unless found guilty.
    As for you Anonymous 3/14 I sure hope you are not a practicing Catholic because you are not a true Christian. Sounds like you have so much hatred in yourself that you need help! Being this angry at one man makes you sound vengeful like you want to see this happen to him even if innocent. That's very sad.
    Bottom line, if he is guilty then he will be prosecuted by law. But till then by law he is innocent till proven guilty. Have you asked yourself how come it took 15 years to come forward? That would make the accuser around 25-30 years old. why now? there are many false accusations to get money out of the church or revenge on someone they just don't like. I sure hope that this is not the case. But you have to take all facts into consideration before judging.

  8. I can't believe you lying cocksuckers who came here to defend the indefensible. You fucks had better hope that God is not fair and just because you turds will be flushed down the toilet.

    Christians true or otherwise need to get cancer and die.

    What is far worse than these pedophile priests are the slime like you who defend them and cover up their unspeakable acts. There is justice in this world giant meteor come crashing into the Vatican killing all the pedophile enablers.

    Only pure trash would even attempt to defend these bastards.

    You lying bastards can be so stupid to say that justice will be done and that slime like him get prosecuted. When they do get prosecuted truly one out of 1000 who sees justice because the Catholic Church and its legendary evil covers for these sick perverts. If I were judge jury and executioner I would strangle the evil bastards who enable these perverts with her own entrails.

  9. Anyone who would defend this pervert priest it's probably also a child molester. Child molesters need have their balls cut off and shoved down their throats.

  10. I am defending this priest. Maybe know him before you start throwing comments and accusations around. Noone knows what has happened yet, so maybe keep your accusations to yourself. It is odd that this would come up 15 YEARS later... I think we need facts first. This poor man is having his name slandered and if it turns out that he is not guilty, what a burden and scar to live with. And not all clergy have done this.. .and the Catholic Church does in fact stand with the law when it comes to sexual misconducts. get your freaking facts straight.

    1. Fuck this pervert. Priests know going in that the Catholic church is pedophile organization.

  11. Pedophile defend pedophiles.

  12. Actually the victim is quite credible. He is an adult with sevearl graduate degrees and was abused by Vaverek when he was a student (under the age of 18) at a high school that Vaverek worked at. Vaverek intimidated the man into never telling anyone about it. Fortunately, with help and support, the man was able to get the demons out of his past. Vaverek may be friends, buddies, pals, blah, blah, blah to hundreds of people but his "flip side" is a mean, evil, vengeful man. That is why it has taken 15 years for this to surface.

    1. Pedophilia is rampant among religious people. Gandhi was a pedophile and so was Mohammad. The Catholic church may or may not be the worst. My guess that among the Christian cults it is but I suspect that pedophilia among Muslims may be worse.

      Vaverick is a piece of crap but his superiors who helped him are worse.

  13. The victim, a highly educated man of 32 years who holds three Master's degrees and is a devout Roman Catholic was fondled I appropriately by Vaverek when the man was only 13 years old. Rather than go the Civil Route, the victim is going the Canonical Route defined by the Charter to Protect Children:

    1). A thorough investigation is underway. Dozens of people who may have seen, heard or know anything at all about Vave's extracaricular hobbies have or will be interviewed.

    2). The Review board will look at all of this to determine if the allegations and other facts are true. It definitely seems that they are.

    Vave remains suspended until the Bishop decides otherwise.

    3. The file is sent to Rome for a determination as to whether or not Vave should be defrocked, offered a chance to live out his days in a monastery in prayer, penance and mortification, and be laicized. Vave does not get to choose here. This process can take years, but Pope Francis has promised to speed up the promise and to handle cases himself in order to reform the system.

  14. Hayden's case has arrived in Rome at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith which handles all priest abuse cases. All of the witnesses have been interviewed by a Detective in the USA. Mountains of paperwork have been compiled and sent with the file. Now it is in the hands of the Holy See (the Holy Father) who will review the file and make a determination as to whether to laicize Hayden or sentence him to a life of prayer and penance in a monastery for the rest of his life. He will never function publicly in any ministry ever again. He will not wear the roman collar ever again. He will never hear another confession ever again. He will not use the title "Father" ever again. There were other cases and instances where he went beyond the boundaries of a priest. HIs arrogance, anger, temper and haughty ways have led him down this path. The Diocese did what they had to do based on the Charter to Protect Children. Amen. It is over.

    1. I'd just cut his balls off and let him bleed to death.

  15. It was announced today that Vaverek's case has been forwarded to the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith and to the Congregation for Clergy in Rome for a FINAL DECISION as to LAICIZE Vaverek and remove him from the PRIESTHOOD as the charges are CREDIBLE.

    The case will work its way through the process in Rome and then Pope Francis will make the decision to laicize Vaverek and return him to the lay state or to send him to a life of prayer, penance or mortification. Nothing more can be done on a local level. It is out of the Diocese's hands. This means that the accusations are TRUE.

    1. This new Pope seems like an OK guy. Maybe some sort of justice will be done. I hope they get all his accomplices too!

  16. #godislove #thedevilishate choose which side you are on Brother and Sister. Forgiveness is Love and Love is Forgiveness...BY THE WAY, if you can't give don't get it from The Father in Heaven...might want to research that in the "Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth" book, a.k.a. The B-I-B-L-E before departing this realm of existence and meeting with The Father...

    Or keep spewing Lucifer's Hate from your lips, your fingers on the keyboard, and your mind.

    p.s. Religion is of Man-thereby inherently flawed. Love is of God and inherently flawless.

    p.s.s. Father Hayden Vaverek #fatherhaydenvaverek #haydenvaverek is a Good Man and caught up in the Self-Righteous Diocese of Charleston Political issues, like SO many Priests before him, simply in the 21st Century the "catch-theme" is Sexual Abuse. We should always protect the Innocent...and always remember that the Innocent isn't just Children...

    Pax et Amor!
    Brian K. Kissinger
    Air Commando (retired)

  17. God created everything. God is hate.

  18. Either you hate him or he doesn't exist.

    Sheesh, your just as bad as a Baptist fundamentalist!

    Gotta try and convince me that you are right.......because you aren't comfortable enough with your own beliefs.


    1. I'm an agnostic you fucking prick licker. Google it.

      BTW, asshole, anyone who is comfortable with his beliefs is a fool.

      One more thing you fucking moron, God exists in the sense people created him but I think you suck so much cock that the concept of a meta being. God exists in the abstract you dumb fuck.


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