Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Royal Baby Bastard

Why is this blue blood royal baby bastart any more important than any other baby? I have nothing against the baby but it will grow up to be another fucking piece of shit like every member of the royal family with the possible exception of
Prince Harry who we all know does not have an ounce of royal blood in his veins.

Look at all the energy that has gone into celebrating the fact that Prince William stuck his dick into his wife Kate and got her knocked up and if Kate is anything like Princess Diana then William would be wise to get a paternity test.

The whore press was babbling about Princess Diana throwing herself down a flight of stairs while she was pregnant for William. They said that she was trying to commit suicide when in reality she was trying to induce an abortion.

The royal family eats ass but what is more sickening than the royal family is the adoration heaped on them by the idiots and ass fucks. If you are enamored with the British royal family - FUCK YOU IDIOT!

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