Saturday, October 19, 2013



Here are some questions for the Red State liars who don't like this. This is for all the unmedicated, Fox News-parroting assclowns or brainwashed, fact-loathing wackjobs and heartless, cousin-marrying teabaggers of the retarded Nazi religious right.

Tell me, you FAUX-News-worshipping hatemonger, does your mental handicap come with preferred parking?

Tell me, you delusional, sheet-wearing redneck, which dark crevice of your rear did you pull that from?

Tell me, you torture-cheering wackjob, when you go to the mind reader, do you pay half price?

Did they teach you how to be a delusional, pitchfork-wielding misanthrope in the fascist reeducation camp?

I'm curious, you tobacco-juice-dribbling neocon-artist, does your lower intestine empty directly into your skull?

Excuse me, you Rapture-lusting Rapturefarian, but aren't you late for your Flat Earth Society meeting?

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