Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Why Muslims Can't Have a Civil Society: Sam Harris Explains

When George W. Bush called Islam the religion of peace it became pretty clear to me that this pathetic and corrupt man was clearly on the side of evil. When he attacked and Saddam Hussein the arch enemy of Osama bin Laden it became even clearer and when he ended up not killing a single al-qeda  leader it should have erased any doubt in anyone's mind that George W. Bush is an evil man.

All the Abrahamic religions are evil and the two most evil are Christianity and Islam with Islam being far more evil than Christianity.

It is politically correct to beat up on Christianity and if I stood outside of even the most hateful fundagelical church wearing a devil suit and pissing on a Bible I doubt if anyone would physically assault me. If I were to be caught with a Bible in most Muslims countries I would be killed.

I still encourage everyone to bash Christianity but if you only bash Christianity then you are being a hypocrite. Islam is far more bash worthy than even the most virulent strains of Christianity. Look at it like this. Christianity is the Type C Hepatitis of religion but Islam is the AIDS of religion.


  1. When someone is brainwashed by Islam they lose their humanity.


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