Thursday, April 10, 2014

Duck Dynasty Is Fake

Dust Smith of the Cult of Dusty exposed that fake show Duck Dynasty. Watch the video and subscribe to his channel. 

Related: Jesus was a gay pedophile. Google Secret Gospel of Mark.


  1. Actually these dynasty folk appear to be jews. First heads up! Sirnames ending in "man", "son", and "ton" are all pretty much guaranteed to be jewish.
    Second, they have the typical jew noses which start at their eyebrows! And third, involved in the jew dominated hollywood/acting/tv industry and make multi millions of dollars.
    Forget all that christian mantra stuff, actors do and say whatever will get them the most exposure. Do you seriously believe America would want to sit around watching these Robertson jews perform some jew ritual and speak hebrew? that would last 2 minutes and "cancelled"!

    1. Jews make money by being smart. Fuck Die Nasty got lucky.


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