Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Trolling Mormon Chatrooms

Mormons are more or less Christians. They sell people on the Jesus Christ shit. The Mormons have gone high tech and they now have a chatroom where you can talk right to their missionaries. I asked a Mormon missionary if God was all knowing and if Jesus was God. This was after he said that Jesus was a sacrifice as per John 3:16. It's interesting that Christians never read the John 3:18 part.

According to the Mormon church God is all knowing and Jesus is/was God.  Since God is all knowing and Jesus was God then he knew that he would not really die and that he would be resurrected. Jesus who is God also knew this going in... and God the father who is also Jesus knew that he/Jesus/God would not die. Looks like there was no sacrifice e.g. something given up or lost.  God/Jesus knew where Jesus was all the time since God is all knowing.  God/Jesus knew that he would be in heaven with himself/God/Jesus. God/Jesus knew this even before he created the world because God is all knowing.

Mormons are very deceptive and won't even try to prove a point with with false logic. The debate differently than other Christians and they are even more dishonest. Maybe that is why Mitt Romney was the most prolific liar of all presidential candidates.

Like Romney they are historical revisionists but unlike Romney and non Mormon Christians they have not proven to be skilled and clever liars. Trolling Mormons is like fishing for Bluegills, while it may not me much of a challenge it is still a lot of fun for the expert and the novice alike.

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Show these fucking assholes no mercy and treat them like any other Christian!

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