Thursday, September 25, 2014

God Sucks: Memes

Holy Mother Church

The Greatest Fraud!

If ultimatums are to be given at all(not recommended) at worst invoke Santa Claus and not God


Tornado vs. Bible Belt

Do you imagine God as an impotent, voyeur, evil God, who watches pedophile priests repeatedly rape little victims, and who never lifts a finger to help? - - - - - Holocaust Haggadah:   > > Click image!   . .


  1. God is a real Scumbag for making innocent people like us to suffer on this earth, and especially for us single men that are Not married with a wife and family as i speak.

    1. And single women as well. But if you have a halfway decent place to live and food to eat and maybe one or two people you can hang with and trust, you are doing better than many. So, as I stated below, try to live as best you can, while you can. Focusing too much on this shit is like sitting around waiting to die. I know because I've done it. But I am trying to live as much as I can.

      If I am the best I can be, even if that ain't much, at least I have a better chance of maybe helping someone else in some small way, and therefore making the world just a little bit better. That is way better than praying to some shithead that may not even exist, or wallowing in self-pity.

    2. Great advice for living in this God created shit hole. My mission here is to destroy God be he real or created by desperate and evil humans. Either way God is a cruel yoke around the neck of humanity and if I can help some people shed that cruel yoke it hurts God.

      Our prayers, thought and actions should be focused on destroy this thing that people refer to as God.

      To God I would say, prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you exist. You can start by ending all disease and suffering of humans and animals alike. If that doesn't happen either you don't exist or you are the cruel sadist that I claim you to be. Either way... FUCK YOU GOD.

  2. The vast majority of sheeple suffer from cosmic Stockholm Syndrome. This is not surprising, as life can be brutal and people need hope and order in their lives. Unfortunately, a belief in god in reality does nothing to help those in need and at times gives people the rationale or excuse to do heinous acts. At times a belief in god provides the excuse for inaction.

    So, I feel your pain. If there is indeed a god and I ever get to meet it, I will spit in its face, if it has a face. I've had cancer 3 times (and I am awaiting word on a recent biopsy). I'm on disability for neuropathy and chronic neck pain. It hasn't been an easy road. But at least I have a handful of decent people in my life and an apartment full of guitars. That's more than many have. I just try to enjoy what I can while I can and be helpful when I can (but no longer a sap and a chump).

    So, try not to dwell on this shit too much, because it will drive you batty. Have a drink, smoke a doobie, make love to your partner (or masturbate if you don't have a partner), take a walk in the park, watch a good movie, learn how to play the guitar, etc., etc., etc.. At least you don't have to get dressed up in uncomfortable clothes on a Sunday morning, sit in a stuffy room with a bunch of god-narcotized zombies and sing insipid songs in praise of some asshole that may not even exist. You can sleep-in or do something else. Peace.


    1. Barry, like many of those of us who suffer you indeed are the lamb of God. God of the Bible got great pleasure having people torture lambs and when they stopped doing that he conned a sap named Jesus into suffering for his perverse pleasure.

      I have a friend who sounds very much like you. He wrote a song called JC's Lament in which Jesus tells God off. He also wrote a song called Ode to Calvin which is about predeterminism.

      JC's Lament

      Ode To Calvin

      He as tons of guitars. You can contact him on Sound Cloud

  3. God is really Satan in disguise.

  4. God never gave me a wife and family which is why he Really Sucks.

  5. did moses have two ebola viruses on the ark or was one enough?

    1. Actually it was Noah who had the ark. God created a lot of different virus to torment his children. God is an evil sadist.

      As to Moses, he was a murdering terrorist agent of God.


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