Friday, September 26, 2014

Satan is Better Than God

Sees naked, willfull thought-slave in the garden of eden. Teaches critical thinking.Sees man starving in the desert. Tries to offer him food.
God wanted you to live your life in complete ignorance, but I foiled his plan with a single conversation. You're welcome.
Plays a vastly superior violin piece. Lets Johnny have the fiddle anyway.Understands human nature. Doesn't judge you for it.Was kicked out of heaven by god. Hasn't had millions slaughtered in his name.Gives sentience to humans. Blamed for all evil in this world.Not a character in the Bible. Still most interesting character in the Bible.
Punishes evildoers in the afterlife. "Bad guy"Clothes. You're welcome.Could write book exposing God's atrocities. God beat him to it.


  1. Good evening El Rondo!!!

    Please check out my two latest topics, one posted on September 25th about BANNED BOOKS WEEK from September 21 to the 27th in which I speak out against censorship and my own experiences dealing with censorship, ignorance, and brutality. It's a very angry article.

    Then I posted a more recent article.

    September 30th is my birthday, and it's also INTERNATIONAL BLASPHEMY DAY!!!

    So, I posted a topic, BLASPHEMY PIANO with all kinds of music videos.

    I'm now 63 years old.

    Anyway . . .

    Please do check it out.

    Thank you.

    Yeah! The God in the BUY-BULL is a real douche-bag!!!

    Satan was the good guy!!!

    Big Fat Heretic

  2. Hey professor... HAPPY B DAY.

    I checked out blasphemy piano and I really enjoyed it.

    Dear Readers,

    If you want some great entertainment and talking points check out this link,

    While I bash religion using its own texts, Professor Bear relies on science. You will learn a lot from Doctor Bear. Check out his site and share his articles with your email lists.

    1. Good morning El Rondo!!!

      Did you also check out an article I had posted earlier titled . . .

      Every Year from the 21st to the 27th of September is BANNED BOOKS WEEK! Celebrate Your Right to Read! Fight For Your Right To Read!

      It's a very angry article because I also discuss my own personal experience concerning book censorship, ignorance, and brutality.

      Oh! Did you get a chance to watch the total lunar eclipse last night, this Wednesday, October 8th???

      I saw it here from El Paso, Texas. But I had to call it quits after 5:30 AM because it got too cloudy.

      I will bet you dollars to donuts and lay you 10 to 1 odds that the people in Ferguson Missouri didn't get a chance to see it because of their strict curfew laws.

      Anyone caught outside after curfew would be arrested, and if you're black, you might get shot by the cops!

      Or, am I being too cynical? I don't know! You tell me!!!

      I'm just waiting for any further developments in the NEWS on that!

      Well, assuming somebody got busted and his/her binoculars or telescope gets impounded or trashed by the police, as long as nobody gets shot, then . . . this is probably what this country will need to have happen to make America WAKE UP, and smell the coffee, before it's too fucking late!

      Yeah! That's all we need!

      The USA is already the laughing stock of the world, and all we need is to have a cop arrest or shoot somebody just for looking up at the sky through a telescope after curfew.

      Galileo would be rolling dervishly in his grave!!!

      Of course, all the Christard Funny-mentalist anti-science Republicans would be delighted if something like that were to happen! They would love it if somebody got arrested or even shot by the cops just for doing Astronomy after city curfew hours! Eh?

      Christian anti-science anti-education Republicans are against any gun control laws, but they would dearly love to control what we read and what we study.

      Yeah! They love their guns, but they hate binoculars and telescopes and the people who use them!!! And they hate people who read science books!

      Well, I just hope nothing like that ever happens, at least nobody getting shot, anyway.

      But if something like that does happen, a lot of people are going to get pissed, and who knows, maybe a few cops will end up pointing the toes of their boots up toward Orion some cold winter night, and there will be more bagpipe music up on Boot Hill, if ya know what I mean!!!

      Gee! Am I being too cynical?

      I hope so, because I live being cynical!

      Big Fat Heretic


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