Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Astrology and Christianity



  1. do you believe in astrology? i believe in indian astrology, (jyotish shashtra). i have talked with many astrologers, even on phone also. they always predicted my future very accurately. i then started thinking that whoever has written my fate is worst cruel person. i talked with atleast 10 astrologers, over phone, and on facebook also. (since astrology is cheap, here in india). all of them said that i will never have any kind of joy in my whole life, they predicted many other sad things. i never believed them.. but now i believe in luck. destiny. fate.

    1. I don't know if I believe in it but I suspect that it may have some basis in fact that has been lost over the centuries.

    2. all these astrologers predicted many things accurately. i am doing graduation from 10 years, but still not completed. i failed for 6 years, and that a record. everything was predicted by them. now i am sure that god is the writer of destiny. otherwise how can a astrologer predict that 8 years ago?

    3. I have seen some things predicted by psychics and the like that I can't explain.

    4. as per sam harris, an atheist there is no such thing as free will. his book "free will" have explanation of that. he is a neuroscientist. it is easy to not believe in a god. but it is really hard to see that god IS real and he is a cruel asshole.

    5. If God exists it is evil. The Higgs Boson will end God.

    6. if you want your birth chart to be read then post your birth details or birth chart prepared from astrosage.com or from jagannath hora. and post it on any or many of the jyotish or vedic astrology groups in facebook. if you prepare youur chart yourself then take care of the information. birt time, birth place, birth date-month-year, lets see if they replies in free of cost. (just a little test)


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