Saturday, September 5, 2015

Religious Liberty

Picture an asshole with flames coming out of it. It would probably look a lot like Mike Huckabee. Christians and their evil god simply love ruining things for everyone as they run their vile and ignorant mouths. It's sickening.

Ass Americans we need to stop giving religious fuck wads a pass. Evil begets evil and the situation in the Middle East is another clear example of that. The US and Britain fucked with a democratic Iran in 1953 and overthrew their democratically elected government and installed the Shah of Iran simply so that BP could steal oil. The Iranian revolution got rid of the Shah and Iran became a brutal theocracy. The God of Abraham works in cruel and diabolical ways and his followers are nearly as bad.

Mike Huckabee is indeed a flaming asshole and his supporters are worse. The hypocrisy of God's ass kissers astounds. Anyone who supports Kim Davis and her lawless tyranny are even more evil than the likes of Mike Huckabee. You Bible banging fuckers had better hope that if there is a god and if that god is fair, decent, sane and just you assholes are going to be in very deep shit.

When you dumb fuck gay hating Christards play the persecution card it make me want to slap you lying mouths and knock all your teeth down your lying throats. The ones doing the persecuting are not non Christians and non believers. The persecutors are you brain dead hypocrites who spend their lives suck-holing Jesus for fear that he will send you to hell for not properly tonguing his ass.

Only a Pedophile Would Defend a Pedophile


  1. You are extremely silly to think we can destroy God!!! However, religion is a man made institute based on whatever his interpretation is of the Bible. Religion can be destroyed! But to think we could destroy God would be like saying we could swim the oceans between continents. God is much much bigger than we humans could ever hope to be.

    1. Apollo ans Zeus are dead. All gods are immortal NOT! Humanity will kill Jehovah eventually.


Unlike Christian and Muslims I don't censor so say whatever you want. Please include your thoughts on ways to destroy God and religion.