Friday, September 25, 2015

The Iraq Peace Deal and the 7th Beatitude of Jesus

Based on the 7th Beatitude Jesus spoke during the Sermon on the Mount: Maybe the Republican government hating Bible bangers should spend a little more time reading the Bible than stuffing their gluttonous pig faces at church socials. This will give them more constipation than a pound of cheese and a stuck butt plug.

The 7th Beatitude Of Jesus - Demotivational Poster

Iran has many reasons not to trust the US: 

1. The coup in 1953 when we replaced their democratically elected government with the Shah so that we could steal their oil.

2. The chemical weapon we gave to Iraq that our man Saddam to used on them. 

3. Shooting down one of their passenger planes.

4. Asshole John McCain singing "bomb bomb bomb Iran".

5. Bush's axis of evil bullshit.

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