Friday, December 25, 2015

No Doubt About it: God Is Evil

I don't want it to be true either but facts are facts. I even appeal to God by telling him that nobody actually loves him and that they are all kissing his ass out of fear but God is too much of an ego maniac to accept that reality. God is actually quite pathetic and pure evil so regardless of what we do here we're all fucked.

Evil actually believes it is good. Satan on the other hand has been labeled as evil but if Satan recognizes that he is evil or believes it then unlike God, Satan's creator, Satan perhaps has a moral compass because Satan is able to make the distinction. While God is not immune to logic and truth he salves himself from it in his orgies of terror and sadism.  God is completely and totally evil and pathetic and cannot be redeemed. God is immune to redemption but IMO God is not indestructible.

God is vulnerable because if he were indeed all powerful he would not have to lie and tell the world how awesome he is. This was illustrated beautifully in an episode of Star Trek the Next Generation where a character  named Ardra, a galactic con artist and a real fucking cunt extorted a civilization for payments. (The actress was named Marta Dubois and the episode was called Devil's Due which aired in 1991. In the end Piccard and his crew busted her and exposed her parlor tricks. I think the writers got their inspiration from Bible God.

In the movie The Final Frontier  Spock, McCoy, Kirk and a rogue Vulcan scientist break through an energy barrier and come face to face with God who looks very much like Michael Angelo's God. Like Bible God, this god is a lying sack of shit con artist who want to hitch a ride on the USS Enterprise. Kirk asks, "Why does God need a star ship." That pisses off God and in typical God style God punishes Kirk. I the end a Klingon ship shows up and Spock manning a big fucking phase cannon kills God. I love that scene!


  1. God is such a butt plug. FYI God, you suck and all your followers are butt hurt.

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