Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Worst Thing We Can Do To Muslims Is Not Kill Them

When a Muslim fighting for Islam is killed by a kafir aka non Muslim, all Muslims are required to fight for and spread Islam except for the women that warrior Muslim goes to paradise. Muslim males go to a heaven but not just any heaven. Muslim heaven makes Las Vegas and Disney Land seem like the waiting room at a dentist office. It's a bit unclear whether Muslim women make it to heaven but Muslim men sure do. Then again it's not clear that Muslim females are even considered people. The certainly are considered property or chattel. 

Muslim heaven is a great place full of all the food you can eat, all the wine you can drink and all the virgins and boys you can fuck for all eternity. Warriors who die fighting in the cause of God are ushered immediately to God's presence (Surah 2:159 and Surah 3:169) A Muslim man can fuck up after he is done fighting for Allah and end up missing paradise and going to Muslim hell which may or may not be temporary. The Koran is not clear about that.

Look at those hot voluptuous babes you get in Muslim Paradise!

No wonder Muslims hate us. By not killing them we are forcing them to endure this awful earthly existence while depriving them the chance for eternal paradise and all the good food and drink and sex with women and boys. Damn! With a deal like that except for the "fresh faced boys" I'd go out and kill a bunch of kafir if I believed I'd get a deal like that. Problem is, I think Islam is all bullshit.

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The Nature of the Day of Judgment

The resurrection that will take place on the Last Day is physical, and is explained by suggesting that Allah will re-create the decayed body (17:100: "Could they not see that God who created the heavens and the earth is able to create the like of them"?). On the Last Day, resurrected humans and jinn will be judged by Allah according to their deeds. One's eternal destination depends on balance of good to bad deeds in life. They are either granted admission to Paradise, where they will enjoy spiritual and physical pleasures forever, or condemned to Hell to suffer spiritual and physical torment for eternity.
The day of judgment is described as passing over Hell on a narrow bridge in order to enter Paradise. Those who fall, weighted by their bad deeds, will remain in Hell forever. The Quran specifies two exceptions to this general rule:
    - Warriors who die fighting in the cause of God are ushered immediately to God's presence (Surah 2:159 and Surah 3:169); and
    - "Enemies of Islam" are sentenced immediately to Hell upon death.


"O soul who is at rest, return to thy Lord, well-pleased with Him, well-pleasing Him. So enter among My servants, and enter My garden." (89:27-30) Paradise (firdaws), also called "The Garden" (Janna), is a place of physical and spiritual pleasure, with lofty mansions (39:20, 29:58-59), delicious food and drink (52:22, 52:19, 38:51), and virgin companions called houris (56:17-19, 52:24-25, 76:19, 56:35-38, 37:48-49, 38:52-54, 44:51-56, 52:20-21). There are seven heavens (17:46, 23:88, 41:11, 65:12).


Hell, or Jahannam (Greek gehenna), is mentioned frequently in the Quran and the Sunnah using a variety of imagery. It has seven doors (Qur'an 39:71; 15:43) leading to a fiery crater of various levels, the lowest of which contains the tree Zaqqum and a cauldron of boiling pitch. The level of hell depends on the degree of offenses. Suffering is both physical and spiritual.
Being a Muslim does not keep one out of Hell, but it is not clear whether Muslims remain in Hell forever. Non-Muslims (kafir), however, will be punished eternally. A Muslim author on explains it this way:
"Ultimately, God will remove from Hell those believers whose sins were not forgiven nor atoned for by good deeds in their lifetimes, and they will then enter Paradise. The remaining inhabitants of Hell will stay there eternally." (Islam Online) Other Muslim commentators, noting that Allah can rescue people from hell as he chooses, and that he is merciful and compassionate, have hypothesized that eventually hell will be empty. Alternatively, Hell can be seen as a place of progress where souls are instructed until they are fit to go to heaven:
"Life after death is actually the starting-point of further progress for man. Those in paradise are advancing to higher and higher stages in knowledge and perfection of faith. Hell is meant to purify those in it of the effects of their bad deeds, and so make them fit for further advancement. Its punishment is, therefore, not everlasting." (, an Ahmadiyya website)

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