Monday, May 9, 2016

God Loves Doctors and Big Pharma

God loves it when people suffer. That is one way he gets people to pray for him. He tortures them with all sorts of cruel maladies. God has help and his helpers are members of the medical industry. A lot of people think that the letters MD mean Medical Doctor. Physicians believe that MD means Me Deity because they believe that they are God but in fact they are God's little helpers.

Doctors Earn $3.5 Billion in Kickbacks from Pharmaceutical Companies - See more at:

AND... what does it say on American currency? There you have it!


  1. perhaps god made diseases with a great interest that's why everyone is suffering from diseases. the condition of animals is even worse..
    this cat is wounded and hungry also. very pity on her.

    1. God gave his angels blissful eternal life unearned. God gets off on the suffering of others.


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