Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Slave Owners, The Original 1% and Tiny Homes

Slave Owners: The Original 1% - Demotivational Poster

Tiny Home For Wage Slave
The real problem is corporate theft. Human beings should not be relegated to living in a cracker box. Everyone should have enough money to buy a respectable house so long as they work. The The filthy rich live in obscene McMansions while the people who do the real work struggle. Children are gypped out of having time with their parents and parents are gypped out of having enough time with their children.

House for the Plantation Slave
The first 1% was the slave owners who were also CCC's Conservative Christian Cocksuckers and every one of them should have been killed. Given enough time, the slaves would have rebelled and killed off those cocksuckers. Maybe it is time for the wage slaves to rebel against the 1%?


  1. Who actually creates the hate God or you? You know the answer.
    If you want to believe that bankers, dogmatic religion, war mongers, etc. control your life that is up to you. You can chose to live your life free of such thoughts, or be imprisoned by them. Blame them not for their weaknesses, and take complete responsibility for the entirety of your life and it will set you free.

    1. God is all knowing so he is the source of evil and hate.

    2. Two Questions:
      1) Where is God?
      2) Is evil and hate God's only gift?

    3. Like a coward God is hiding.

      Our suffering is God's pleasure.


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