Wednesday, September 7, 2016

TuneCore Sucks! Avoid TuneCore!

Since the demise of the music industry music industry, slimy music distribution companies have popped up all over the internet. One of the slimiest is a one called TuneCore. Reviews on ToneCore are poor. TuneCore's Better Business Bureau rating is a B-.  Contacting ToneCore is next to impossible. 
TuneCore has been or is under an FBI investigation for accounting fraud. 

Tunecore Accounting Fraud - An FBI ALERT! - YouTube

Exposed TuneCore Scam (Reviews Collection)

Jun 17, 2012 - CDBaby has a one time flat fee, while Tunecore charges musicians .... is true that Tunecoreoffers a good service, I read that the FBI is going to ...


99.9% of Tunecore Artists Make Less Than Minimum Wage… (Shocked)

From a ripped off TuneCore user:

We were and are absolutely disgusted with the communication and effort that TuneCore put forth in “working” to resolve our dilemma. Out of the 6 items we have distributed through them, 4 have had problems. This was by far the worst, a true financial and professional embarrassment. We won’t be using Tunecore again, and I would claim that  artists who want to be treated like they matter should look somewhere else for their distribution needs.
Contacting TuneCore is not easy. They don't list any contact information but I was able to locate a street address 45 Main Street, Suite 705 Brooklyn NY 11201, and  a phone number (646) 651-1060. 
My people and I are investigating another possible fraud involving TuneCore and streaming. 

Sunday, September 4, 2016

An Archive Of Trump's Lies

 All the images below are links. Click on them. Trump is a bigger liar than Romney.