Monday, December 12, 2016

Russia Sucks

People bitch about the Chinese government when it is actually the Chinese people who suck and when it comes to Mexico the Mexicans are great people but they need to overthrow their government but everything about Russia sucks including and especially its government sucks. It's time to rid the world of the Russian menace and like what happened in Germany during the occupation there needs to be a massive purge. Stalin like Hitler was a dog fucking child molester and like Hitler, Stalin killed off millions of good people and now the Russian DNA is polluted with some very dangerous genetics.

Putin is gay gay gay and he likes long big cocks.
The first asshole who needs to be taken out if  is that closeted pole smoker Putin. Poisonous Putin is the modern day Adolph Hitler. Had Hitler been killed off in the 1930s the world would be a better place today. Of the 6 million Jews Hitler and his Nazis killed odds are there were a few Albert Einsteins among them.
Imagine the world with a few more Albert Einsteins.

Putin knows that in a conventional war the US and its allies would defeat Russia faster than it defeated Iraq in the first gulf war, so being the cowards that Russians have been historically they will resort to the nuclear option. This is one more reason for why Poisonous Putin needs to go. Will Trump kill Putin? Given Trump's unpredictable nature, that is a distinct possibility. Like Putin, Trump is also a lying sack of shit. Putin is also angering the Muslims and while dealing with Muslims is like playing with dynamite turning the Muslims against the Russians would be a good strategy. Offering a Muslim millions of dollars and equipping him with a stinger missile to shoot down Putin's plane at take off would be one way of exterminating him along with his surrounding slime. Now that a drone can be purchased for under $50 toxic material can be dropped where ever Putin is.

Russia = FAIL

Russia space program would have been an even bigger failure had it not been for the German scientists they kidnapped after WW-2 and even then they had one disaster after another and in spite of
trying, they never made it to the moon.

Let's look at Russia's pathetic economy.

The Gross Domestic Product per capita in Russia was last recorded at 11038.82 US dollars in 2015. 

In 2015 the US per capita GDP reached an all-time high of  $51486.00 

The US Owned The Russians in the Olympics

The USA won 121 medals in the 2016 Olympics and the hapless Russians only won 56 medals.  China and Great Britain won more medals and Great Britain's population is 64 million whereas Russia's declining population is 143 million.

Russians leaving their Mother Russia

The number of ethnic Russians living outside the Russian Federation is estimated at roughly between 20 and 30 million people (depending on the notion of "ethnicity" used), the majority of them in countries of the Former Soviet Union; about 30 million native speakers of Russian are estimated to live outside the Russian Federation (compared to 143 million living within the Russian Federation).
The largest overseas community is found in the United States, estimated at some 3 million people. The next largest communities of Russian speakers outside the Former Soviet Union are found in Israel and then in Germany, both of unknown size but estimated in the six-figure range in Israel and in the five-figure range in Germany.
In addition, in CanadaArgentinaBrazilColombia and Venezuela, several hundred thousand citizens each identify as being of at least partial Russian descent.

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