Monday, December 12, 2016

ToneCore A Shady Company

Tune core is in the business of fucking musicians and stealing their songs. Because Tuncore is a criminal enterprise they make getting in touch with them very difficult. You may have to use snail mail as they don't answer their phone. If you live in NY City show up at their office and bring a video camera and a police officer. Better yet show up with a couple of members of the Hell's Angels.

TuneCore is just one more example of corporate fascism orchestrated by the plutocrats. Robespierre knew how to deal with the filthy rich and their bourgeois dogs and it involved the guillotine.

Wake up peasants!

Business Information
Business ID:0000100992
Address:45 Main Street, Suite 705
Zip/Postal Code:11201
Business Phone Number:(646) 651-1060

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