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Why God Created Satan

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Christian agree that God created Lucifer and they also agree that God is all knowing. All-knowing means that God knows the past present and future in complete detail so clearly God knew from the get go what he put into motion and the exact outcome. Knowing this, how can God be anything but evil?

As the story goes, Lucifer was God's favorite angel but then Lucifer is described and egotistical, vain and jealous. Sound familiar?

-- for you shall not worship any other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God-- Exodus 34:14

In the end, Jesus figured out that God was an evil bastard. The video below makes that abundantly clear. Jesus was duped by God. God lied his ass off to Jesus. Jesus believed that He would be rescued by thousands of angels. That would have been something. Had the angels swooped down then there would be no doubt that Jesus was God. It never happened and that is why Jesus asked why God had double-crossed him.

The Betrayal of Jesus by God
52“Put your sword back in its place,” Jesus said to him. “For all who draw the sword will die by the sword. 53Are you not aware that I can call on My Father, andHe will at once put at my disposal more than twelvelegions of angels? 54 *But how then would the Scriptures be fulfilled that say it must happen this way?”… 

There is nothing in the OT that says the Messiah would be killed. Clearly, the part in red was added.

Mark 15:34
At the ninth hour, Jesus cried out in a loud voice, "Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?" which means, "My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?"

You can pray your asses off for the suffering children and God will not be swayed at all. God will observe the suffering and jerk-off. In the end, Jesus figured it out. Jesus never returned during the lifetimes of his apostles like he promised. Jesus falsely predicted his return. 


  1. I think satan is just the 'scapegoat'of god.

    1. God is all knowing so they say so why did he feighn surprise when Lucifer his favorite angel turned on him?

      God is a fucking drama queen who needs to be bitch slapped.

  2. Yeah, god is a fucking bastard.

    1. Why are you comparing fucking bastards with God. That is an insult to fucking bastards.

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  4. hi remy and el rondo, what is the story of your life? why you started hating god? share with us

    1. I think most people hate God but are to fearful or embarrased to admit it. God is undeserving of love.

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    3. Hi, its a nice reply dude. i also come across some people who are in delusion that they don't hate god, but in reality either they pretend that they do not believe in god, or they try to convince themselves that god gives them what they deserve..

    4. The God guilt and God delusion will be what destroys humanity. Religion is God tool to create man's inhumanity to man.

    5. I started hating God when I knew that I could not love an evil sadistic child abuser. I was around 12 years old when I knew God was evil.

  5. Curious confused one here again. I am so grateful that you don't censor any comments! Truly it is a good thing!

    I'm not a theologian or a bible scholar. But from the time that I have spent reading the Bible there are numerous references (I'll post below) to not only the death of Jesus but also the resurrection. And by use of logic, how can you resurrect, unless you have died?

    Also, if God created Satan to be evil so that He would make Himself look better, then that means that Satan was essentially a robot angel with little power, just doing what God made him do. Right? He didn't choose to be evil. God made him evil. That's what you're saying right? Since this blog is all hypothesis, if God exists then He must be evil, I'll frame my next statement as a hypothesis. If Satan is an angel 'robot' created by God in order to make God look Better than He really is, THEN, we are ALL robots created by God to do what He wants, when He wants. So no one is really a free thinker on here right. Your rebellion isn't even a rebellion if you're a robot and you were created to rebel against God. If we are not robots then that insinuates that we have free will and free choice, which means Satan had a choice to do and be evil, just like you have a choice to oppose or follow God. Again I ask, which is it. Because it can't be both. Otherwise you should be added to the group of moron hypocrites that you use to describe christians, right? And I'm not name calling. I'm using your own words. It's a blog. I'm simply having a conversation. Trying to understand this blog that you've dedicated so much time and effort to post to. And it seems a large portion of your time and energy is spent cursing, hating and plotting against God. Which means you also believe you are strong enough (at least with a few others who think like you), to destroy God. That is your headline for your entire blog. Destroy God and religion. Yet this God was mighty enough to create a powerful angel named Satan and 'make him do what he wanted' and you think that you as a human being can destroy God. You, a human, that can be killed in an instant by something so small as a mosquito biting you and infecting you with a virus, or by walking down the street can get hit by a car and die on impact, yet YOU can destroy God. Please, elaborate on how? Because if you can do that, then YOU should be god. Why isn't it more enticing for you to wake up and say I'm going to make the world a better place today. because there's a million ways you can do that. Instead you sit safely behind a computer screen groaning and complaining about God. You could be raising awareness and educating the public about the money hungry pharmeceutical companies- traveling, speaking and educating the public, creating awareness videos or documentaries. Even what you post about them on here somehow circles back to God (which makes sense given the blog is called Godishate). But the way God is in your mouth and on your mind so much, I would say you have a slight obsession with Him.

    1. My bad. Here's the scriptures. You said there was nothing in the OT that says the Messiah would be killed. Actually it says with preciseness that not only would he be killed but he would be crucified.There's more but I don't have all day to do this. I would rather be the change I want to see in the world.

      Pretty much all of Isaiah 53 dude. Just read it or bible hub search it....seems like you're already familiar with it. And Psalm 22 as well.
      Isaiah 53:9 Jesus being buried
      Psalm 22:16 crucifixion
      Zechariah 12:10

      There's more but like I said, I got stuff to do.

  6. The Bible is a collection of small books which was compiled 200 years after the alleged death of the alleged Jesus so I am speaking of the Bible god as literary fiction that was bought into existence by believers whose thoughts put Bible God into the collective consciousness.

    The Biblical accounts about the death on the cross and burial contradict each other. Jesus and the Bible is a fairytale and a dangerous one at that.

  7. Oh ok..I was just confused because you were the one who quoted scripture. And it seemed like you quoted it as proof that God was real but just uncaring, cruel and evil (i.e. when you quoted the passage about God being jealous). And you used it to prove your point that He is egotistical and and a deceiver. But now you are saying that He is not real at all? It appears your blog contradicts itself. Because God can't be uncaring and cruel if He doesn't exist. See what I mean? Maybe you should consider changing your headline then? Just a suggestion. The worst thing in the world is to be the pot calling the kettle black. That would make you just like the so called Christian hypocrites who you also say contradict themselves.

    1. As to God's existence the jury is still out but if God is real he/it is cruel, uncaring, jealous and egotistical. God could be real in the sense that man created him/it. The Bible says that God created man in his image but maybe man created God in his image and perhaps that is what brought God into existence?

      Whether God is real in the sense that he/it created everything is less important than the fact the the world is a cruel and evil place and if some intelligence it responsible for it then that intelligence is malevolent.

      The notion of God as a parent e.g. our father in heaven is a very sick sick sick concept because this "father" created disease and inflicted it upon his children with great malice so it seems that he is what he does.

      Mark Twain's Diatribe explains God if it exists perfectly. This blog is for believers, unbelievers and non-believers. If God is real and derives it's power from his ass kissers then the truth about God will be like souring their already toxic milk. This blog also helps unbelievers and non believers to see that whatever the reasons for disbelief are the important thing is to destroy even the notion of a good god. Atheist are like Switzerland when it comes to God. Because there is no tangible proof the close their minds to possibility but as we know, things exist beyond our senses. The Bible actually paints a pretty clear picture of what kind of being may have created this earthly existence so the monster that it described in the Bible kinda matches reality.

      I think before you use the existence you should really know what it means. Can things be brought into existences like thought and energy?

      “...a God who could make good children as easily as bad, yet preferred to make bad ones; who could have made every one of them happy, yet never made a single happy one; who made them prize their bitter life, yet stingily cut it short; who gave his angels eternal happiness unearned, yet required his other children to earn it; who gave his angels painless lives, yet cursed his other children with biting miseries and maladies of mind and body; who mouths justice, and invented hell--mouths mercy, and invented hell--mouths Golden Rules and forgiveness multiplied by seventy times seven, and invented hell; who mouths morals to other people, and has none himself;who frowns upon crimes, yet commits them all; who created man without invitation, then tries to shuffle the responsibility for man's acts upon man, instead of honorably placing it where it belongs, upon himself;and finally, with altogether divine obtuseness, invites his poor abused slave to worship him!” --Mark Twain--

      God could be a being or intelligence outside of our dimension and perhaps all the ass kissing he/it gets makes it stronger. Maybe it is a spiritual vampire who derives its power form our suffering, fear and anguish and perhaps it plays are role in the suffering?

      As to me being a hypocrite, Curious one, I think my arguments are sound and well reasoned. Maybe you didn't read this carefully enough or maybe it went over your head.

      As to the so called Christian hypocrites, they are hypocrites and the less unpleasant ones, the Sermon on the Mount Christian, are cafeteria Christians at best. They deny the evil acts of God portrayed in their own bible and chalk contradictions up to mistranslated text. The Bible bangers who say that the Bible is inerrant are even bigger hypocrites along with being the biggest and most dishonest intellectual cowards on earth and that makes them dangerous and it make me think that they should be exterminated.

      So The Curious One, run along and lick your wounds and think of more ways that you can justify your belief in something you know damn well is total BS and remember, Faith is the belief in something that you know damn well is BS. So if you have faith, you are the king on hypocrites.

    2. Great job El Busting that Christard troll and debunking the BuyBull! The level of self delusion with those fuckers is nearly unfathomable. People who lie to themselves are the most dangerous fuckers on earth.

    3. It seems that only Christians are allowed to quote scripture and only if they quote the good stuff and avoid the all the bad stuff which leaves them very little to quote. When you quote the 1000's of God being evil and contradicting himself they say "OUT OF CONTEXT" but they never stick around to back it up. Liars like that need the shit beaten out of them, doused in gasoline and burned alive.

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  9. El Rondo, I will address you because your 2 followers seem to be full of the very hate that you claim God of being full of. If evil isn't dousing believers with gasoline and setting them on fire, or as someone else put killing those who don't believe as you, then I don't know what is evil. And since you say IF god exists he must be evil, then indeed you are his very offspring. You said this blog is for everyone, yet your followers prove the exact opposite, and make your blog toxic hateful trash, rather than thought provoking commentary. But some people will do anything to keep a handful of followers and feel important rather than insure the integrity of their work. Not saying that is you, just saying....

    But El, at least you responded using IF, and not assuming anything about me, and I can see your response took time, unlike your followers.
    As for licking my, I have no wounds. I didn't realize we were going into battle with one another. Why do you look at it as a battle? All I ever said was I sought to UNDERSTAND your blog. I didn't drag any of my beliefs on here (which you have NO idea what they are and you haven't asked). So I don't have any wounds to lick. I have perused your blog because it was quite interesting. But I was confused because your statements from article to article conflicted with one another. And it SEEMS like your stance still isn't firm, so maybe you are in over your head. After all, this is YOUR blog, not mine. And if you choose to blog, it's to share your thoughts and opinions. But even after your lengthy disposition, I still don't get your stance. Mark Twain had a firm stance. He believed god existed and was evil. I can't tell if that's what you believe or if you believe people created an idea of god and their god is evil, which would in turn make people evil. You said
    "Whether God is real in the sense that he/it created everything is less important than the fact the the world is a cruel and evil place and if some intelligence it responsible for it then that intelligence is malevolent."
    I see a bunch of IF's still. It seems like you haven't chosen a personal stance, a side to stand on. The only thing you seem firm on is that the world is a cruel place. You said IS. The you said IF some intelligence is responsible for it, then it is malevolent. I am asking: Are you saying that god exists and is malevolent? Thats all I wanted to know. Is your answer YES or NO? Or do you believe in an idea of god created by humans, and therefore humans are malevolent. But you never answered my question. You cited Mark Twain who knew where he stood. How can you even say you have an argument if you don't possess a side? If your anger is toward people (Christians to be exact), then why not argue that Christians are hateful? If they created the idea of god, then arguing against their god is futile because he isn't real. He is created. Why not go after the people. And if God is real, and getting more power from our suffering, then how do you think you can destroy him? MY questions are very straightforward and you answered NONE of them. I am being as clear as possible. So I am asking if you can please answer them. I am inquiring to UNDERSTAND. I don't have all the answers. As for all the hateful death threats and desire to see Christians die via immolation, I will pass on that. I'd gladly converse in private if asking questions means being cursed at, etc..

    1. It looks to me that my followers kicked your ass. The Bible is BuyBull. and Fat Bastardo calls a spade a spade and his response was simple cause and effect or karma. Christians burned people at the stake, drowned people, tortured people to death so I think that taking some of those lying hypocrite to task goes to the idea that turn about is fair play.

      God allows, permits and encourages man's inhumanity to man as if God's inhumanity to man is not bad enough.

      I answered every question you asked so don't try that lame troll tactic with me because you don't want to piss me off. Fat Bastardo has the tools to deal with weasels.

      As to the questions in your above comment:

      You ask, "Are you saying that god exists and is malevolent?" Since I cannot say definitively that God exists or doesn't exist I cannot answer that question. IF the God portrayed in the Bible is real then anyone who would say that that particularly god in anything but malevolent would be a liar and an intellectual coward. You asking me for definite yes or no is a weasel tactic and you know it.

    2. Continued...

      You telling me what my anger is and who it is directed towards is another weasel tactic. God is an idea same as Nazism is an idea. I hate some Nazis and all of Nazism. Some Nazis were just stupid and gullible but a lot were completely evil. Even when the stupid ones got executed I would not have lost any sleep over it.

      Your lie that I hate only Christians is BS. First off, I don't hate people who follow the liberal Christian philosophy of charity, hope, truth, temperance, justice, diligence and the rest of the heavenly virtues which BTW were invented by Pope Urban.

      My anger is toward hypocrisy, intolerance, cowardice and dishonesty and if people have those moral failing I will take them to task like I have done to you liar.

      God is real as an idea and that cannot be denied. If there is a collective unconscious and there is some evidence that there could be then in that sense god is real and based on what it does and what it is it can be destroyed.

      A lot of people thought there were Gods long before Jehovah and Allah came down the pike.

      The earth stinks for living things. Predator and prey, disease and death would not be part of a benevolent creator or caretaker.

      I hate the Abrahamic faiths because they created the Dark Ages and had the Dark Ages never have happened humanity would be 500 years more advanced and the earth would be much better place today had in not been for the evil and criminal church.

      I am all for killing off tyrants. When Robespierre terrorized the filthy rich that makes him a hero in my book. When King Louis the XVI was taken to the guillotine I would have danced in the streets although had I been running the guillotine I would have put him and his wife in feet first and chopped him up an inch at a time.

      Why do I look at this as a battle? You ask. Answer: Because it is a battle of good vs evil and right vs wrong and truth vs lies and courage vs cowardice.

      Evil could not exist without good but good can exist without evil. Evil is like a parasite and a parasite could not exist without a host but parasites can be eradicated and so can evil.

      If you recall the Tower of Babel incident a paranoid, lying and cowardly God said, "Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other." What kind of an asshole would do that? Answer: a cruel and purely evil one. What kind of a person would defend that asshole? Answer: a potentially dangerous person and a coward.

      I look at it this way. If there is a God like the one there seems to be based on the Bible and the cruel world we are all fucked so I'm going to go down swinging and not kissing God's ass because if I kiss his ass my fate will be massaging his insatiable ego for all eternity. If I am wrong about God and he is just and loving then my honesty should impress him.

      If there is no God I will be part if destroying a very dangerous and harmful myth.

      You, I suspect are one of those Pascal's wager types who are hedging your bets. I don't play that way.

      If God is evil as I suspect (assuming it exists) I'm a thorn in his side and perhaps if God has enough thorns in his sides he will die.

      God will die either as real being or a myth. Either way, humanity wins.

      If you want to continue trying your weasel questions on me please go for it. I like making examples of weasels.

  10. Well that escalated quickly. Jeez, what happened to you as a kid, that you get so fired up and aggressive? You were horribly abused? I'm sorry.

    Clearly your blog is not open to everyone. Only to people who think like you. I didn't come here to troll or be a weasel. I said your blog was interesting (i recant that, because you are only on here to try to "kick ass", which is pathetic because it's the internet). If you want to kill a whole bunch of Christians who burned people at the stake (I don't know who that would be in 2017....apparently you think they are still alive) then why don't you. You talk real big and bad on your blog behind your computer, why are you not out in the world doing something about it. Your blog isn't making the world a better place or ending any of the problems you discuss. I don't see your gofundme or any other fundraiser links on here. What are YOU doing to make this world better besides threatening people you don't even know online. I only asked a few questions and I pretty much got called every name in the book. You are BEYOND sensitive. And you should make this a closed group if you aren't mature enough to discuss your views in an ADULT manner.

    Why do I need to weasel you? What do I gain? Nothing. Bottom line is your blog is a shoddy hypothesis. You're as wishy washy as the religious fanatics. You're a bigger flip flopper than politicians. And you are a disgrace to atheists and agnostics who at least have a firm stance on their beliefs. If I finally have it right, then you hate a being that you don't even know exists and you want to see that being die.....IF God exists....but He may not exist, but you still created a whole blog devoted to HATING that being............
    So I guess you have a timeline of when you want to destroy the possibly maybe existing God (first you may want to decide whether He exists or not in order to destroy Him)? And a coalition that you will rise up with you to do it? And then you want to kill off Christians. Ok. THEN there will be no evil in the world, right? The world will be absolutely perfect without God (being or myth) and Christians. There won't be any suffering. No poor. No disease. That is what you believe? Since you believe God caused that (if He exists). And if He doesn't exist then that means Christians caused all those things (and Muslims according to your footnote). Cool. Thanks for conversation. You're extremely intelligent! You have solved ALL the worlds problems in one blog. AMAZING!

    1. Hey turd,

      Before I start on your lies I have a question. Have you ever heard of punctuation or were you educated in the Bible belt?

      You passive aggressive type troll like to say that anger is a bad thing because you are angry and you are inept when it comes to your thoughts and your emotions. You liars through constant self-delusion get it wrong every time. That happens with liars and the morally defective open their pie holes.

      You lied when you said this blog is not opened to everyone. I am letting you lie your ass off. It's not my fault or the fault of this blog that you are a lying sack of shit and my followers are pointing that out you fucking crybaby. Liars like you are especially welcome here. Beating shit out of lying trash like you is why I started this blog.

      You are a Weasel because of your ego and your fears and your dishonesty and cowardice and all the rest of your moral failings. I know your type and so do others. Your depravity escapes no moral person with an IQ above 80.

      I certainly did create a blog dedicated to telling the truth on the god of Abraham and I am damn proud of it. It doesn't matter if that god is fact, fiction, or a combination of the two. It needs to be gone.

      Like a liar and a weasel you create your pathetic straw man argument as you attempt to put words in mouth.

      A good share of the world's problems would be solved if liars and weasels were exterminated. You guys are the vermin of humanity. You know fucking well that I never said the world would be perfect without the evil religion of Abraham and you also know that the world would be much better without liars like you in it.

      Had the God of Abraham never come down the pike there would be less disease because their would never have been the Dark Ages. Science would be advanced by 500 years. Ignorance would be frowned upon but today most Christards and most Mudslimes revel in their ignorance and they lie their asses off trying to prove that the Bible and the Koran are generally not total BS and pure evil.

      Ridding the world of liars and fools would be a good start. That said, if you are ever feeling suicidal, don't chicken out. Just do it.


Unlike Christian and Muslims I don't censor so say whatever you want. Please include your thoughts on ways to destroy God and religion.