Monday, July 31, 2017

God Protected Hitler

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The German words Gott Mit Uns appeared on the belt buckles of German soldiers during WW-2. Don't let some lying Christian fool you, Hitler and the Nazis were hardcore ass lickers of God and God showed his appreciation by allowing Hitler to come to power and allowing the slaughter on millions of innocent people. God loves Nazis.

List of assassination attempts on Adolf Hitler - Wikipedia

There were at least 27 attempts to kill Hitler and God thwarted all of them. Hitler believed that he was sent by God to commit his evil and do God's bidding and Hitler was right. God created Hitler to be the evil son of a bitch that he was. God did and does the same thing for his other tyrants such as Putin, Saddam Hussein, Kim Jung Un and Donald Trump. These are God's real chosen ones.

God really fucked the Jews and he did it because Jews are highly intelligent  and they may be part of the science that eliminates a lot of human suffering as well as science that creates technology that could destroy the evil force that is God and make humans immortal.

Force all of God's ass kickers to watch this video.

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