Monday, June 4, 2018

Are Women Evil?

I found the following question on Yahoo along with the answers.

Is this statement right about women......."I have seriously considered the chance that females are the devil incarnate or demons sent from hell to ruin man. And don't get me wrong, I don't think men are superior. If we were, we would not voluntarily fall for these emotional train wrecks."


1. Zim$ months ago I asked the same question and got a violation......well I am a woman and can say this, behind every mad, deranged, psychopatic man stands a woman that because she herself is a greedy deranged maniac pushes her husband to the brink of evilness. Look at Grace and Mugabe, Eva and Hitler, Josephine and Napoleon, Helen and Paris.....

2. Men have upper body strength which women do not have. So in order to compensate they use deceit as a tool. Lucifer AKA Venus AKA Columbia, a female goddess, is known as the Great Deceiver for this very reason. This deceit may be perceived as evil but it is usually just employed for the benefit of the female perpetrating the deceit. Evil is as evil does.

3. Never argue with a woman about the evil they are doing. Dont be angry at woman for doing evil. Everything in the universe is balanced. Ying and Yang. Men are on the side of good and woman on the side of evil. Evil can not be eliminated, it can only be controlled. Never trust your mother, sister, daughter, girlfriend or wife. If you do, you are like a bird for a cat.

4. Listen up, young men, or suffer. The choice is yours. 

Money isn t the root of all evil, women are. The end. 

They are to be avoided at every opportunity, because they are parasitical by nature, and therefore incapable of honesty and devoid of integrity. 

Women exist only to crush the dreams and aspirations of men, and were it not for their drag on progress, humanity would have conquered the stars long ago. 

Bottom line, whoever had the bright idea of letting women the vote, should have been jacked-off with a handful of cuckle burrs. 

5. I am an evil powerful women in a group of evil powerful and exceptionally beautiful women. We don t need you men for money. We can make it ourselves. You are mere playthings for us to bat around and destroy when we become bored with you. However we are quite angry because you asked this question. Obviously you know too much. You need to be punished. You won t know when and you don t how but soon one of my sisters will attract you with her sexy feminine scent. You won t be able to resist. She will bring you close to the edge and bite you in two with her sharp demonic teeth. She will leave you to bleed out. Then you will know you can t f*ck with us.

6. I agree, man are not superior because they alway fall in their trap. But yeah, woman are a big problem in this world. When cloning will works we won't need them anymore and peace we will have.

7. It is true, women only care about your physical appearance, how well hung you are, how rich you are and several other superficial qualities in order to determine their 'prey'. They are parasites, they are demons, some even go out of their way to make men commit suicide for their own sick and twisted amusement. after 10 years of inhuman degradation and depravity at the hands of women I can safely say all but perhaps 10 women are definitively like this. I honestly don't care if it gets deleted, it only means someone has read it and I struck a nerve if it is deleted.

8. You're absolutely right. I've had so many women in my life and every single time I've given any woman a chance, it's been the same result you've described. They're shallow (in one way or another, some more open about it than others), superficial, self-centered, and truly are parasitic.

9. For some reason - for about 1 week in every month, my wife becomes really evil. 
Pretty Miserable Specimen.

10. Evil and useless!

There was some defense of women but all those answers received thumbs down.

I have only known a few women who were not raging cunts. My cousin is married to a nice woman and I have one friend who got rid of his nasty wife and after 8 years of dating psychos, he found a nice woman.  Most of my other friends have been put through the meat grinder by women. 

What do I think? Are women evil? Most of them are and about half of men are. We need more trans women.  While I find the treatment of women by Muslims revolting maybe it has to be that way?  

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  1. That video was great. Every woman should watch it and STFU.


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