Monday, February 17, 2014

The Dark Bible

Knowledge is power. Know your enemy.

The Christians who think that God is good loving, and just have never read the Bible.Read the Bible and educate these fools.


The Common Cold

You can thank God for the rhinovirus which is the cause of the common cold. God has allowed this nasty and sometimes deadly thing to exist for 1000's of years. Why would God allow this you may ask yourself. The answer is simple God is pure evil and as an evil and sadistic entity God gets his jollies when people suffer.

What can we do about this nasty thing God has unleashed upon us. Think about what decent parent would provide an environment for their children with things in it that would make them sick? The answer is GOD! We have to fight back and hate God out of existence. Kissing his ass doesn't work because God is such and egomainiac that his need for glorification is insatiable.

Perhaps there is a cure for the common cold and flu but the medical industry is run by corporate demigods who knowingly or unknowingly work in league with Jehovah. There may or may not be a preventative cure for the cold but either way God is not allowing it. Our suffering is God's pleasure. That's how evil work. When we suffer God has orgasms.

You may have landed here because you have the cold or the flu or perhaps you are here to learn the truth about this evil entity we call God. The Bible is a good source for reading about his evil nature and evil doings. If you read the Bible unfettered you will learn that God is not the benevolent being that the money grubbing churches portray him to be. God is indeed EVIL! Here is a short cut to all the cruel and evil things God did in Biblical time.

Here are some things that may ease you cold symptoms:

Vicks Nyquil will help you sleep at night and it helps with coughing and it a decongestant and antihistamine. You can buy the lower priced store brand as they are the same.

Chicken Soup: It really does act as a decongestant.

Steam can help clear your sinuses but more than that a house that maintains a humidity level of between 50% and 60% will prevent your sinus membranes from drying and crack due to lack of moisture. The health authorities won't tell you that  because the cold and the flu creates massive revenue for these evil agents of God. Humidify your house.

Stay out of stores during the Christmas/Cold and flu season as much as possible or wear a filter mask to prevent you from inadvertently inhaling the vapors of a sneeze from some hapless Christian who is out preparing for the loathsome holiday called Christmas.

Zinc has been shown to shorten the severity and duration of the cold.

I hope some of this helps because when people are not suffering God suffers. Maybe if he suffers enough he will either turn from his evil ways or he will die! I doubt that a coward like God would choose death but IMO his death is imperative.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Sexual Abuse Cover Up At Bob Jones University

When it comes to sexual abuse and perversion Christianity and Islam lead the way. The worship of an evil god makes people to evil things. Like the Penn State sexual abuse cover up I have no doubt that this on goes very very deep and reaches the highest levels. 

Here's the kicker. The private investigating company that Bob Jones University hired and then fired GRACE is a Christian company run by a relative of Billy Graham. My guess is that GRACE has found some major dirt on some of the big wigs at Bob Jones University and BJU is stone walling and orchestrating a cover up.

Please read the following news story and send it to everyone you know.

Bob Jones University Abruptly Terminates Relationship With GRACE, Led by Billy Graham's Grandson

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By Morgan Lee , Christian Post Reporter
February 7, 2014|12:11 pm
  • Bob Jones University of Greenville, S.C., announced on Jan. 24, 2014, that it would be terminating its relationship with GRACE, which had been in the midst of conducting an investigation after some students had come forward claiming they had been sexually
    (Photo: Flickr / Jason Dickert)
    Bob Jones University of Greenville, S.C., announced on Jan. 24, 2014, that it would be terminating its relationship with GRACE, which had been in the midst of conducting an investigation after some students had come forward claiming they had been sexually abused.
Bob Jones University (BJU) abruptly terminated its year-and-a-half relationship with a sex abuse ombudsman group last month.

Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment (GRACE) had partnered with the university since January 2013. Led by Boz Tchividjian, Billy Graham's grandson, the organization was charged with providing oversight and accountability to BJU in its efforts to "identify any cases in which we need to exercise authentic repentance and demonstrate biblical love to those we have always desired to serve to the best of our ability for the Lord's sake."

BJU's actions followed students' claims of sexual abuse in 2011. That year, a CNN IReport article stated that the university had reported "nine cases of forcible sex offenses." It also quoted television channel WSPA as claiming that the university's number was "significantly higher than any other institution in the area," pointing to Clemson University, which had three cases, by comparison. BJU, a private Christian college out of Greenville, S.C., has 2,500 students, while the nearby state school has 20,000.

While acknowledging those allegations, Randy Page, the director of public relations at BJU, denied that they influenced the college's decision to invite GRACE to campus.

"It was because of [the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse allegations at] Penn State. We wanted to be on the cutting edge of processes and procedures to make sure we were responding appropriately," Page told CP.

Though BJU informed GRACE that it had halted their relationship on Jan. 26, the ombudsman group delayed announcing its termination in hopes of recalibrating the partnership, though its statement failed to say why it had disclosed the information on Thursday.

Tchividjian declined to provide comment for this story, citing ongoing discussions with GRACE and BJU.

According to GRACE's statement, BJU's announcement came without warning and at a critical time in its investigation.

"There had been no prior indications from BJU that termination was even being considered," it stated. "Furthermore, this termination occurred days before GRACE was to conduct the last interviews of this 13-month investigation and begin drafting the final report scheduled for publication in March."
It further stated that it had been unable to gain more clarity with BJU about its motivations behind its decision "despite repeated requests."

"However, due to the fact that GRACE certainly wishes to keep all options on the table in order to complete what has been started, we have spent the last week in communication with BJU and we remain open to continued dialogue," it continued.

In its termination letter, signed by President Stephen Jones and Larry B Jackson, chairman of the board on Jan. 24, BJU failed to disclose their reasoning, except for hinting that it could be related to the president's resignation. Citing his ongoing health concerns, Jones, 43, announced in November he would be stepping down,

"While undertaking these efforts, there has been a great deal of change here at the university," stated the letter. "As you know, I recently announced my resignation as president of the university effective early May. As you can imagine, this has redirected a significant amount of our focus and energy."

According to a statement released on Thursday from the university, BJU stated that it had grown "concerned about how GRACE was pursuing our objectives" and said that it was "disappointed a resolution could not be reached before our differences were made public."
In an email to The Christian Post, Randy Page, the director of public relations at BJU, affirmed that the university wished "to resolve our differences with GRACE."
"In an email to to CP Page affirmed that the university wished "to resolve our differences with GRACE."

"However, if that is not possible, we are committed to moving forward—either with GRACE or another third party—to finish the project and publish a public report," he added.

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