Sunday, January 1, 2017

Doctors, God and Black Lives Matter

All three suck but God and the medical industry suck a lot more. Black Lives Matters is simply fucking retarded. As bad as law enforcement has become, they still do a lot more good than harm and that holds true for the Black community. The majority of Blacks who get gunned down by cops earned it and when an innocent Black gets gunned down by a cop Black Lives Matter ignores it and instead defends some thug like Michael Brown. Fuck you Mike Brown. I am glad you are dead. Now call me a racist even though I believe that vast majority of Blacks are good people and perhaps morally superior to Whites.

The real enemies of Blacks are the same enemies of all humanity and they God and M.D.s. M.D. means Me Diety.

BLM is either being duped or it is an invention of the corporate media to distract, kill and steal from all Americans and especially African Americans.  Here is a video of a scientist explaining how the Medical industry is targeting Blacks for early death and disease like in Flint Michigan in order to make them sick, dumb them down, kill them and rip them off.  This form will not allow links to be sent.

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I think BLM used by the corporate media in a divide and conquer strategy.  Unless and until African Americans wake up and realize who the real enemy is you will keep being played.  The medical industry is the main reason for why Blacks have short lifespans.  The medical industry is far far more likely to kill you than a cop.

Blacks have a choice. They can either succumb to their emotions and media propaganda or they can accept facts. All the energy wasted on hating cops could be channeled into protecting themselves from the biggest killer and thief in the world and that is the US medical industry.  Chris Rock made a video about this almost 20 years ago. Wake up to the fact that the poisoning of Blacks and the poor in Flint Michigan was not by accident and that one act alone will criminally kill more Blacks than the cops will kill is 100 years and in this case and cases like them.  This is a medical holocaust and Blacks are victimized the most by it. Over 2 million American are killed each year by the medical industry and among them is a disproportionate number of Blacks and what makes the worse that racist cops is:

1. They always get away with it.

2. For every person illegally killed by the law enforcement industry, 100,000 are killed by the American medical industry.

3. For the millions illegally stolen by the unconstitutional forfeiture laws at least a trillion is stolen by the medical industry.  Americans pay 3 times the world average for health care and we have the worst healthcare in the industrialized world.

Fuck da police? No FUCK THE DOCTORS and BIG PHARMA. The are the biggest thieves and killers on the planet.

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  1. Fuck you, racist piece of fucking garbage. The true meaning of Black Lives Matter went clearly over your Low IQ minded.
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