Saturday, April 28, 2018

Red State Christian Hypocrisy

Let's cut to the chase. Most Trump supporters belong in cages and incinerated with a flame thrower. I'd pay for the pleasure of doing myself. WTF?! God savors the scent of burned flesh. Most Trumptards are Bible banging red state asshole and while none of them are very bright they do know that Trump is a criminal and a serial cheater. Imagine what the Trumptards would say if Obama had been married three times and cheated on all of his wives. Imagine what those death worthy pieces of shit would say if Obama owned gambling houses and strip clubs and bragged about being rich.

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Don't be naive and think that Trumproids are merely ignorant and stupid and don't go thinking that pointing out facts to them will make them change their sick minds. Trumproids are immune to facts and logic and they live on lies. Trump's supporters are not much different than Hitler's Nazis and they should be dealt with they decent people dealt with the Nazis in WW-2.

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The Bear Jew had the right idea. There is nothing more American than baseball.

Don't try to reason with the unreasonable. When you tell them the truth and they still insist on lying, beat the fucking shit out of them. No MERCY!


Unlike Christian and Muslims I don't censor so say whatever you want. Please include your thoughts on ways to destroy God and religion.