Thursday, April 21, 2016

Prince Dead

The singer songwriter, musician, actor and rock star Prince is dead at age 57. At this point the cause of death is unknown but has been reported Prince was suffering from the flu. In America people rarely die of the flu. The following is speculation.

Usually what a rich celebrity dies there are usually doctors and their poisons involved. Doctors killed, Anna Nicole Smith, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Joan Rivers, Heath Ledger ect... I suspect that Prince was killed by a drug called Tamiflu.

Tamiflu is given to people who have flu symptoms and it's effectiveness is questionable. Tamiflu is a very very expensive and dangerous drug which should never have been approved by the FDA. Don't just take my word for it. Here is what patients with no ax to grind are saying about Tamiflu.

List of celebrities killed by pharmaceutical drugs.

UPDATE: The semi official word is, Prince took an overdose of the pain drug Percocet. It looks like the media is going to try to portray Prince as a junkie. I doubt if he was a junkie but what I do know is that Prince was a victim of failed hip surgery in 2010 and that is why he was prescribed Percocet. Percocet is the brand name of the drug Oxycodone. Oxycodone is a combination of Oxycodone Hyrdrochloride and Tylenol. The Tylenol may have been what killed him. First off, Tylenol does nothing to reduce pain but is will destroy your liver. Chances are Prince's liver was compromised and therefore unable to process the Percocet.

Doctors failed Prince. They fucked up his surgery and they fucked up his pain management. This sort of stuff is typical when MDs are involved. Chalk up another hit for the White Coat Mafia.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Who Owns The Star Spangled Banner?

Leave it to the scumbag corporate gangsters to steal the Star Spangled Banner and profit from it. Call me a crazy liberal but I for one hold our the national anthem sacred and believe it belongs to the people of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.... NO EXCEPTIONS!! 


My shock is not that great because the corporations and the criminal elite also have made the Constitution and its Bill of Rights mostly null and void. Will the next step be them owning design patents on Old Glory?

IMO any proceeds from the Star Spangled Banner should go to the American people or the descendants of Francis Scott Key and the people of England because the tune was originally an English drinking song. 

Censoring the National Anthem for Copyright Violation

Performing rights: These are held by (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC etc.) as registered by the publisher. These organizations reserve the right to act on behalf of the publisher to obtain monies from the performance or broadcast of a sound recording. 

Mechanical rights: These are held by the person or persons who's performance was recorded (i.e. vocalist, intrumentalist, comedian etc.) 

Copyright: These are held by anyone that had anything to do with the creative work that was recorded. (i. e. composer, lyricist, arranger etc.) 

Publishing rights: These are the intellectual property rights to the sound recording that can be bought or sold to parties that may or may not have anything to do with the recording. The owner of these rights have control of where and how the recording is obtained or broadcast. 

Television and radio stations stopped using the Star Spangled Banner when they signed off the air because if they used it they would have to pay royalties so they stopped using it.

Any time the anthem is sung at an NFL game, recorded by NFL engineers and broadcast during NFL TV time, the mechanicals, publishing, and performance rights belong to the NFL for that specific performance even if the song was originally written and recorded by U2 or Green Day. If it is sung at an NBA or MLB game, those respective organizations control the same rights. 

Imagine: The NFL owns the rights to Whitney Houston's version of the Star-Spangled Banner while MLB owns the rights to Rosanne Barr's version!

Monday, April 11, 2016

North Carolina's Anti LGBT Law

At the end of this video is an explanation of the NC anti GLBT law.

The CCC's Conservative Christian Cocksuckers aka Conservative Christian Koch Suckers in North Carolina passed an unconstitutional law that among other things prevents transgender folks from using public restrooms.  The law passed by the General Assembly and signed that same night by Gov. Pat McCrory goes further than a narrow elimination of Charlotte’s ordinance, which had generated the most controversy by a change that protected transgender people who use public restrooms based on their gender identity. The new law also nullified local ordinances around the state that would have expanded protections for the LGBT community.

The state has long had laws regulating workplace discrimination, use of public accommodations, minimum wage standards and other business issues. The new law – known as HB2, the Charlotte bathroom bill or, more officially, as the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act – makes it illegal for cities to expand upon those state laws, as more than a dozen cities had done including Charlotte, Raleigh, Chapel Hill and Durham. 

The CCC's Conservative Christian Cocksuckers constantly whine about state rights but apparently they don't care about the rights of counties, towns and municipalities let alone the US Constitution. 

Please take the time to contact these Bible Banging Koch whores and give them a piece of your mind by contacting Who Represents Me?   Other filthy red states are trying the same fascist antics. Let's stop this sort of theocratic evil in North Carolina before it spreads.

Take the time to sign this petition and share it. Tell criminal Pat McCrory and his Koch owned Rethuglicans to repeal this illegal and immoral law. 

Work hard to put trash like Pat McCrory and his thugs in the   North Carolina General Assembly out of government for good. 

Read more here: http://www.cha

Read more here:

Friday, March 25, 2016

Pedophile Priests

The sex abuse scandals in the Roman Catholic Church and cover ups are common knowledge. The church is so powerful and dangerous that most victims were too frightened to come forward but eventually enough of the did to blow the lid off the centuries long pedophile problem in the RCC.

The Catholic church is not alone in its pedophilia problem. Other members of the Christian and Muslim clergy molest children and a much higher rate than the national average.

Contrasts: Admitted Molesters vs. All American Men
Admitted Child Molesters
American Men
Married or formerly married
Some College
High School only

Catholic priests no guiltier of sex abuse than other clergy

Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Zika Virus

Thank you for the world so sweet,
Thank you for the food we eat.
Thank you for the birds that sing,
Thank you God for everything.

Fuck you for the world so cruel.
Fuck you God and eat my stool.
Fuck you for the pain you bring.
Fuck you God for everything.

God thought it would be a good idea to infect babies with the Zika virus. This all knowing God decided to infect new born babies with the Zika virus and give them a life time of suffering.

Zika Virus May be Linked to Surge in Rare Syndrome in Brazil

Friday, January 15, 2016

God Makes Evil People Known as Republicans

Scientists have studied for years this difficult question of why some people have a conscience and some don’t. Some people are called Democrats, and some people are called Republicans.

We've  see those deparved conscienceless Republicans in their own foul habitat on the Fox News Business stage. They will compete to become “guests” at the nearest mental institution – no, strike that, they will compete to become the Republican nominee for President of the United States. And if, Jehovah has his way and any of them makes it to the White House, you’ll want someone in the Senate with a conscience and then some to take them on. You’ll want someone with conscience, cheek, and chutzpah. You’ll want, as Chris Matthews dubbed Alan Grayson, “Captain Cojones.”

If things go south in November, and one of these GOP jackwagons ends up in the White House, I’ll be ready to fight back. Look at what I said about our last Republican President and Vice President:

When Dick Cheney attacked President Obama unjustly at the beginning of President Obama’s first term, Alan Grayson said that many Americans wished that Cheney would “STFU.”

When MSNBC publicized a photo of President Bush and a Saudi prince kissing each other, Grayson suggested that if Bush had let him get to second base, gasoline might be only a dollar a gallon.

When Dick Cheney called for US troops on the ground against ISIS, Grayson said that Cheney “never met a war he didn’t like.”

When President Bush belatedly complained that he deserved more credit for the killing of Bin Laden, Grayson adroitly suggested Bush hadn’t spoken up sooner because he might’ve been passed out drunk for the last three or four days.

With President Bush and Vice President Cheney, those were just warmup pitches. Just wait until you see what Grayson has in store for the Republican nominee – even before the November election.

He's ready and willing to call out whatever RWNJ ends up as the Republican Party nominee, and fight back against the GOP’s conscienceless, terrible policies. (Is “conscienceless” a word? Well, it is now.) Chip in $3 or more now to make sure he can do that in the Senate >>

Jose Miguel and Julio